Aqua Glass Whirlpool Tub Manual

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This is a hard fix, The jets are glued on to the back of the tub with an epoxy type material. Download Lagu Istri Solehah Subro. The jets should spin on and off from the inside of the tub. You need to determine if it is the hole where the jet is that's leaking or if it is the jet assembly and tubing that is leaking. If it is the jet hole that is leaking, spin the jet off and use aquarium grade silicone (Lowes carries it) spread this around the piece sticking thru the tub and spin the jet back on. This is a hit or miss fix. No easy fix if it is the tubes or jet assembly, full access necessary for this repair. Apr 24, 2009 .

Does you tub have the air system installed? If so you may have the air system advanced function. There are two types of air system advanced functions. • With water level detector: A 30 second Drying cycle Will automatically start 20 minutes after the control has detected there is no more water remaining in the tub.

Aqua Glass Whirlpool Tub ManualAqua Glass Whirlpool Tub Manual

• With out water level detector: A 30 second Drying cycle Will automatically start 20 minutes after the complete stop of the blower. If you have the first type this may be normal or the water level sensor may be dirty or faulty. If you have the second type it may be a control board problem.. Hope this helps. Posted on Jan 12, 2014. Sounds like either the air button on the side of the tub has quit working or the air switch in the back of the motor is not working. Take the pump out.

INSTALLATION AND OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS. Jacuzzi® Luxury Bath. 14525 Monte Vista Avenue™. Chino, CA 91710. 1-800-288-4002 COMFORT™ COLLECTION. Congratulations on the purchase of your new Aqua Glass bathing fi xture. Maintenance and servicing of your Aqua Glass soaking tub, air tub or whirlpool.

Get a straw, plug the pump into a working power outlet, blow into the straw into the air switch (where the air tubing was connected) on the motor. If the pump comes on/off when blowing into the straw then the air button on the tub is bad. Drivers Nvidia Geforce 8500 Gt Ubuntu Forums. If the pump will not come on or turn off when blowing into the air switch with the straw then the Air Switch is bad. Jan 08, 2011 .