Automail Pepakura Files Database

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Hi everyone, I will be releasing all the Alphonse Elric Pepakura Files over time in this thread the files will be made so that you can use them for foam or for pepakura, all you will have to do is not use the thin pieces to be able to use the pieces for foam building. Download Lagu Soundtrack Drama Korea The Heirs Pewaris Tahta. The files will all be in locked.pdo format due to the problem where some people have claimed my files as thier own in the past, the code will only be shared with members of the RPF you will have to send me a PM to get the code.

Automail Pepakura Files Database

For the first release will be the helmet. Since I'm tired of answering PM's for the password, here it is.

Automail Pepakura Files Database

Very cool Sir! Thank you for these, I was actually asked to make foam patterns a LOOOONNNGGGGG time ago and had to decline, now maybe I will make this for myself one day. (if I can find the time in between the dozen other projects) Side note: I noticed your Gundam helm, I don't suppose you have pep files for a Mark 2 Gundam, I have been wanting to make a costume, but haven't found the time to pattern this up yet.

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If you do have them i would be interested in purchasing the core files from you. (the ones I can modify in Pepakura that is) Thanks! It should fit a 5'10'-6'2' person. One more thing, I don't want to find these files on any other site except for this one. If I do, I will contact the site to have the info removed, if that fails, I'll take down my links. I do not want these files to be reshared or rehosted for any reason and I cannot make myself more clear than that. The only reason I'm so aggravated over where my files are, is because in the past people have claimed my work as thier own, or sold my files and I do not want that to happen any longer.

Nxt Programs For Tribot. Just last week I had to contact a site to have my files taken off of it because of that very reason. So I cannot stress it enough, please keep the files to yourself and on this site.

You may direct people to this thread but that's it.

– Alphonse Elric: Otaku and Fit – Andrew’s Cosplay/Fitness/Otaku Life – Edward Elric: Bekalou Cosplay – Riza Hawkeye: Blue Cosplay – Roy Mustang: Athena Marid Cosplay – Winry Rockbell: Yukari Kaiba Cosplay – Maes Hughes: Chase Bunnies Photo by BlizzardTerrak Photography I debuted my Alphonse Elric armor at Anime Los Angeles 2014 to assemble a Full Metal Alchemist group with a few of my friends. All in all, it took about 2 months to finish Alphonse taking my time. As with most of my cosplays, the armor was made out of foam with my usual method of sealing and painting which you can read about here: Materials **For Patterning** • • NOTE: The Silhoette SD is no longer being made. It’s replacement is the • Printer that can accommodate 110lbs cardstock (This one has worked well for me: ) • **For assembling body** • • • • **Sealing and painting** • • • Automotive Adhesion promoter ( is pricey but an excellent brand that adds some flex) • • **Electronics** • • • Step 1: Patterning and Assembling 1) Instead of going through the time consuming process of freehanding the entire armor (which you can read about my method here: ), I found a pepakura pattern off google to use as my base. I’m not sure who made it, but it was actually made to make a small “toy size” pepakura model.

2) Since this pep model was made in toy size, I increased the scale to the max which put the model at about 6’4″ in height. 3) I printed out 1 limb at a time and cut out each of the pattens (upper arm, lower arm, shoulder, etc) since printing them out all at once would be like over 100 pages 4) If I didn’t like how the pattern looked, I modified it manually till I was happy with the result.

Basically I used my freehand method to modify the existing file. 5) Once I had the patterns done, I traced them onto foam, cut with the proper angles, then hot glued everything together. 2) I searched all over for a paint to come close to the anime reference pictures and I ended up with a metallic blue/tealish automotive paint by Duplicolor Step 3: Electronics and Voice System 1) So to give my Alphonse armor a little different edge, I wanted to be able to take off my head and have my voice come from the helmet which you can see here: 2) I attached an amp to the inside of the helmet and hooked up the wireless receiver to the amp. 3) I wore the wireless mic and put the transmitter in my pocket. Easy and good to go.

4) For the LEDs, I made eye boxes out of foam, and used red mylar folder to diffuse the light.