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This type of training engages your fast twitch muscle fibers, the largest category of muscle. In order to engage them, we have to fatigue the slow and intermediate twitch fibers faster than they are able to recover. This is best accomplished with high intensity strength training where fatigue is reached in 45-90 seconds (). That means your 90 minute run? Nope, unless you were literally sprinting your butt off, you didn't engage fast twitch muscle fibers (and you're also not burning fat for as long afterward -- see the next paragraph). Not only does this routine help engage your muscles, but it helps you shed fat, too. Even Women's Health is onto it. Recent studies show that women who engage fast twitch muscle fibers lose fat and overall body weight far quicker than those who engage in steady-state cardiovascular exercise ().

Furthermore, they say that 'if your workouts involve fast-twitch muscle stimulation by using weights. Your body will continue to burn fat for up to eight hours after a session. Slow-twitch workouts (such as long runs, extended swims or cross-training sessions). Will only burn fat for about an hour after a slow-twitch session'(). • Push yourself with time: When you attempt this workout, the goal is to push yourself to complete muscle failure within 45 seconds to 2 minutes, tops (I aim for 45 seconds to 1:30, because if I can make it all the way to 2 minutes, I need to up my weight). • Push yourself with weight: You should be starting out with a weight that is so difficult to lift, you are not even sure you can make it that long.

Body By Science Mcguff Pdf Printer

You'll make it! • Push yourself to increase both: After that first workout, each time you hit the gym, you should be UPPING THE ANTE, either by increasing your weight on each machine from the last time you tried it, or by doing more time with the same amount of weight. Keep in mind that you should still be abiding by the time parameters, so if you are pushing yourself up to 2 minutes or more, it's time to increase your weight and drop the time back down! • Smooth moves trump speed! Do not try to max out on the number of reps. • Perform the movement very slowly. Take at least 3 seconds to move the weight even an inch!

Body By Science Mcguff Pdf Printer

• After moving the first inch, just try to keep the movement going slowly. • Don't simply push hard and then let the weight swing back. Make sure you are keeping both movements slow and steady, so that you are working your muscles on the way back as well. • Don't fully extend your limbs - if you do that, the weight will be resting on a bone-on-bone tower and your muscles will get to rest for a second. Instead, once you get close to straight, reverse the motion. • Don't let the weights rest at the bottom of your movements, or if they do touch, it should only be for a FRACTION of a second.

Another great post. It wasn't as difficult a read as your 'mind-bending biochemistry' warning made me expect. I was on the fence about PQQ after your supplement post, but this one has really made it obvious how important it is.

When do you recommend taking the PQQ? Just normally with a meal or pre-exercise? I currently lift weights 3 times per week and do HIIT once or twice per week. I also walk my dogs 3 or 4 miles every morning. I eat relatively low-carb paleo but have recently added more carbs (read white rice and sweet potatoes) on lifting days. I supplement with basically everything on your top 10 supplement list except added B and C over and above the multivitamin I take.

Faceniff Cracked Apk Full there. I am stronger and healthier at 44 than I can ever remember being. Dr K – what do you think about Dr Doug McGuff's 'Body by Science' approach to exercise? He suggests one workout every seven days (or so) for fit males. It consists of slowly working the five main muscle groups to exhaustion. You use weights so heavy that you cannot quite finish the third repetition in a set.

Each set takes about 90 seconds; all five sets will take 10 to 15 minutes. I tried it several months ago for a number of months.

I got stronger over time and looked forward to each workout. But, then I traveled a lot, got away from it, and have not done it for awhile. Jack, I agree with your comment to Glamorama. Up until finding your website I thought that leptin was just one of a bunch of chemicals that regulate appetite and satiety with insulin being the driver.

The recent debates between Stephan Guyunet and Gary Taubes got me thinking about how everything works and I followed a link here. Best link I've clicked in a long time. Initially I struggled with all the biochemistry and pathways and acronyms. But the more of your stuff I read, the better I get that and the more I understand your way of thinking. A friend commented on the number of supplements I'm taking now.

'I thought you were all about getting everything from real food', she said. I think you can be very healthy from eating whole, real foods. If you want optimum performance and longevity, maybe you need a little help. It took me a while to find PQQ yesterday. The first place I went had never heard of it. The second place they had to get the manager who happened to have sold a bottle last week.

Maybe another follower of your blog? @Jim I am staying out of that mess with SG and GT. I still think the argument is misplaced.

The whole obesity story is a brain story at the hypocretin neurons. Read my three part Central leptin series and you will see my thoughts. Reward theory is out there and studied well but it is not the major cause of obesity because it is an outflow track.

I posted a few comments over at SG site but he wont publish them. I have a couple of theories why. I think the dispute between him and GT is now personal and since GT tried to go after SG at the AHS they want to get a pound of flesh from one another. To me.a total waste of testosterone.

I'm starting to love what you're doing on this blog. I might need you to hack me too at some point.

You mention low HDL indicating leaky gut. I think I have leaky gut due to dysbiosis, but my HDL was 90, LDL was 293, Triglycerides 54, TC 400 though it doesn't add up. Fasted blood glucose was 54 and CRP 0.2 despite having inflammation symptoms like TMJ and mild proctitis (that's what it started with and it's definitely exacerbated with starch and FODMAPs).

Other symptoms: muscle twitching and paresthesia, brain fog, ongoing proteinuria, occasional bone and muscle pain, occasional acne. What's your take on this? An almost zero carb diet with natural antimicrobials and supplements like iodine seems to have helped best so far, since my doctors haven't been very helpful. I think I had SIBO but my latest breath test of 2.5 hours was negative.

I also felt better recently but the lactulose might have made me feel worse again for a few days. Something else I suspected is Lactic Acidosis because I got better after stopping L. Thanks, Jack. I'm in Europe so I'd have to look for another lab and find out what to test for. My lab values were different when I wasn't fully LCHF paleo but already had these issues.

B12 was 906 in February. Cholesterol in April: TC 236, HDL 76,5, LDL 152, Trigs 28.

The ones I posted before are from July after I had started eating more dairy fat. I have mostly replaced it with coconut oil, currently ~150ml daily.

So it's probably the dietary cause often observed after going paleo and not a methyl transfer issue, yes? If I should still get it tested, I will.

@Cu Chulainn I would suggest you read my two blogs on the leaky gut and the VAP blog. The best way to hack a leaky gut is to first go after the easy stuff. Make sure you T3 level is optimal and Vitamin A is good. These increase endotoxin clearance in the portal circulation. You also need to have your sex steroids optimized for the same reason. A glass of red wine a day also does this.

I am also a big believer in getting GI testing done in tougher cases with Genova or Metametrix. And you must eat a ton of coconut oil.critical. Probiotics and home made bone broths from grass fed meats are critical too.

Jack, That's the way to do it. Just keep cranking out the good stuff and let them fight. They're both if not wrong, exactly, they're so focused on what they think is important that they're missing the bigger picture.

Yes, food is rewarding in varying degrees and stuff that is more rewarding makes you want to eat more. Yes, insulin can drive down blood sugar and make you want to eat more.

And if your insulin is always high there are a lot of things that don't work right. They both seem like effects, not causes, to me. @GeneK you bring some heat here but let me redirect your heat. You must give me context to that heat.

What I mean is this. SOme people I treat need much higher MAP to just live and function.

This people all have PAD, Carotid or vertebral stenosis and AD. A healthy person would not do well with the same parameters. So to really answer this question you need to qualify precisely what you mean. I think I know your intent but remember there are a lot of people reading this who don't understand what biologic context means and the implications it carries.

What if you're constantly very bloated but HDL is 80? Astro Boy Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Mp4. I have a hard time supplementing something as specific and isolated as PQQ for precisely the reason you give toward the end – we don't understand this stuff well enough to know the repercussions of isolating one nutrient from all the rest.

I really struggle intellectually with this. For instance, we know that Ca without D, A, K2, & Mg is dangerous.

What about isolated PQQ or DHEA? I'm still hanging in there and WILL have a success story for your Leptin Rx blog some day. @Dr K, I am sorry, I did not mean to bring any heat here. I am a lay person and trying to get useful practical information from your very in-depth explanation. Due to my high risk for CAD and relatively high calcium score, I have been following Dr William Davis's Track Your Plaque program, and have reached a healthy lipoprofile and actually reduced my calcium score.

After staying on mid-high-protein low-carb diet, I conclude based on your criteria that I am LS. I would like to optimize my exercise program.

I follow Fred Hahn's slow-burn routine, and I also do some cardiovascular exercise like 30 min on a step machine or an elliptical. I had an impression that you did not recommend cardiovascular exercise here, and my question was about just that. As a healthy LS person, will I benefit from a cardiovascular exercise or not?

I gather that it won't necessarily contribute to my heart health or muscle building, but will it still have other benefits, like brain related as discussed in John Ratey's book )? I hope I have provided enough context this time, and I truly appreciate the time you spend reading and answering our questions! @GeneK I'd tell you to look at this blog written today (Pal Jabekk) that addresses my feelings completely about cardio. Remember if you are not LS and you are doing tons of cardio you are just creating tons of ROS in every tissue you are LR in and this just exhausts your stem cells. This is why cardio kills in LR states. In LS states we only want to do hormetic exercise. Cardio is never hormetic.

It tends to be quite damaging. I would also tell you to the read the link in the comment section on cardiac fibrosis from Feb 2011. Total eye opener and it is why I cant stand any cardio period. I do like HIIT using small reps and real heavy weights and sprinting as the only forum of running.

Art DeVany also is a great resource for this too but he is a pay only site now. Here is the link. @PJ Great email about leptin. But here is the rubthe fitness of our fat as defined by those authors you site is not how I understand the biology of the adipocyte. It is not about their leptin amount or the receptor status. It is about leptin's polar opposite twin.the fat hormone adiponectin.

The optimization of your 'White fat' endocrine organ is via higher adiponectin production by adipocytes as leptin falls. This is precisely what we see in a person shredding weight and what I see in my leptin reset patients on the protein or fat reset protocols I use. Low adiponectin means you have a healthier 'fat store' that is not inflammatory and allows your fat to store more fat if needed. High levels of adiponectin are also clinically signaled in my protocols by seeing thermogenesis.. Better fat storing ability in our white adipose tissues predisposes us to protect against the development of insulin resistance as well.

These people also have very optimal intracellular Magnesium levels on their RBC testing. Lowered intracellular magnesium is the first sign of the development of Insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.