Cataloging Single Issue Of Serial

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A single serial title in hand can. Add/adjust the subtitle in the description only when you are cataloging the issue upon which the cataloging for the.

Cataloging Single Issue Of Serial

Closing Records (Cessations) • Close only if there is definitive information from the publisher AND no title change is involved. • If there is cataloging copy with linkage to account for the title change, use it--the CONSER cataloger should have taken care of the cessation in the updated cataloging copy for the title that has ceased. If there is no usable cataloging copy, route to original cataloging, which should be responsible for closing the old title.

• Change 008 date type to d and change the second date to the closing date. • Leave the 260 and 300 as is. • If there is already a 362 1, revise it to account for the cessation. If there is no 362 1, make one to account for the cessation. • Revise the latest issue consulted note or make an LIC note if there is none. • NOTE: it is OK to use these guidelines even if the record is pre-AACR2 (CONSER uses pre-AACR2 rules for maintenance on pre-AACR2 records).

EDITING EXAMPLES Note: current practice is to use 246 11 for parallel titles and 246 1 _ for all other variants. Generally no attempt should be made to recatalog an AACR2 or pre-AACR2 serial record to RDA when an update is made. Keep in mind that recataloging to RDA form would require re-examination of the issues used as the basis for the original serial cataloging. Use of the 588 tag for DBO/LIC notes pre-dates RDA; it is OK and recommended that the re-tag from 500 to 588 is performed. Variant Titles Appearing on Later Issues. Be careful to distinguish major changes requiring a new record from minor changes recorded as 246 variant titles. See: 245 0 0 ‡a Annual report 246 1 ‡a Navistar annual report ‡f 1990- 245 0 0 ‡a Openhouse 246 1 ‡i Issues for 2006- have title: ‡a Open house Reminder: with parallel titles, if the 245 ‡a title is dropped, it is a major change (new record required).

Note: since the basis for cataloging is the first/earliest issue, and the parallel title only appears on later issues, it cannot be entered in 245. In any case, under current practice: parallel title isn't transcribed even if it appears on the first issue; it is only entered in 246 11. 245 0 0 ‡a Groundwater series 246 1 1 ‡a Grondwaterreeks 500 ‡a Order of titles varies with language of the text. 245 0 0 ‡a Electric power in Canada.

246 1 ‡i Issues for 1969- have also French title: ‡a Energie électrique au Canada Change in Issuing Body. Since the issues used as the basis for the publication statement would not be available, do not attempt to revise following RDA transcription rules; leave the 260 tags as is. Relationship designators are OK to add. Note that current practice does not add the (Online) qualifier to differentiate the print from the online resource; if we cannot update the record for the online serial, it is probably better to leave (Online) in the 776 title.

Buddha Bar Mp3 Download. Addition of 336-338 is not required. The earlier version of this record had 362 1 Began in 1986?

At some point the description was revised based on the 1987 issue. Since there was no evidence of an earlier title, a 1986 initial date seemed unlikely, so the note was removed and Date 1 in 008 was change to 19uu. 008 Country of Publication: change from nyu to lu 245 0 4 ‡a The week in Europe. 1994: ‡a New York, N.Y.: ‡b Commission of the European Communities 260 3 ‡3 Mar. 1994-2001: ‡a Luxembourg: ‡b European Commission 362 1 ‡a Ceased in print in 2001. 588 ‡a Description based on: 1987, no. 15, 1987); title from caption.

588 ‡a Latest issue consulted: v. 710 2 ‡a Commission of the European Communities, ‡e issuing body. 710 2 ‡a European Commission, ‡e issuing body. 776 0 8 ‡i Online version: ‡t Week in Europe (Online) ‡w (OCoLC)50640026 Series changes. Comment: YUL catalogs separately (each issue is a collection of conference papers), so the multiple 490's are not an issue. 245 0 0 ‡a Cool stars, stellar systems and the sun. 260 ‡a [Cambridge, Mass.]: ‡b Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory 310 ‡a Biennial 362 1 ‡a Began with Jan.

490 1 ‡a 1980-1981: SAO special report 490 1 ‡a 1983-1987: Lecture notes in physics 490 1 ‡a 1989-: Astronomical Society of the Pacific conference series 588 ‡a Description based on: Jan. 31, 1980; title from title page. Valiela Marine Ecological Processes Pdf Writer more. 588 ‡a Latest issue consulted: Jan. 830 0 ‡a SAO special report. 830 0 ‡a Lecture notes in physics. 830 0 ‡a Astronomical Society of the Pacific conference series.

Change of publisher (academic publishers are not issuing bodies; Camera Obscura Collective appears to be a commercial publisher). First indicator 2 for interim publisher; first indicator 3 for current publisher. Records for many ongoing serials were created prior to the Description based on practice; a 588 for the Latest issue consulted may be the only 588 note in the record. 008 Country of Publication: change from cau to mdu to inu 245 0 0 ‡a Camera obscura. 260 ‡3 --Sept. 1991: ‡a Berkeley, Calif.: ‡b Camera Obscura Collective 260 2 ‡3 -Sept. 1991: ‡a Baltimore, Md.: ‡b Johns Hopkins University Press 260 3 ‡3 Jan.

1992-: ‡a Bloomington, IN: ‡b Indiana University Press 362 1 ‡a Began in 1976. 588 ‡a Latest issue consulted: vol. Numbering Changes 362 1 ‡a Began with Volume 1. Original numbering ceased with v.

Issues for 1997- not numbered. 362 1 ‡a Began with v. 1 (1920); original numbering ceased with v. 25 (1945); numbering started over with new series, v. 362 1 ‡a Began with 1985; original numbering ceased with 1995.Numbering started over with v.

515 ‡a Issues for May 1998- called issue no. 3- 362 0 ‡a Vol. 1-v.110; 1997- 362 0 ‡a Vol. 25 (1945); new ser., v. 1 (1946)- 362 0 ‡a 1985-1995; v. 1 (1996)- 515 ‡a Issues for May 1998- called issue no. 3- Frequency Changes 008 Frequency Regularity 310 ‡a Weekly, ‡b Mar.

2007- 321 ‡a Biweekly, ‡b 1989-Feb. 2007 008 Frequency Regularity 310 ‡a Annual, ‡b 2003- 321 ‡a Semiannual, ‡b 1990-1996 321 ‡a Quarterly, ‡b 1997-1999 321 ‡a Monthly, ‡b 2000-June 2001 321 ‡a Bimonthly, ‡b July/Aug. 2002 Cessations; LIC notes 362 1 ‡a Began with v. 1988); ceased with v. 2 (fall 2002). 588 ‡a Description based on: Vol.

1988); title from caption. 588 ‡a Latest issue consulted: v. 2 (fall 2002). 362 0 ‡a Vol. 1988)- 362 1 ‡a Ceased with v. 2 (fall 2002).

588 ‡a Description based on: Vol. 1988); title from caption. 588 ‡a Latest issue consulted: vol.

2 (fall 2002).