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I have, over the years, seen a few cracked P99 frames. I do not know if and when Walther made that go away, or if it has resulted in other polymer Walthers. My questions are: Is this a problem of Walther not having the polymer science down pat, and do other polymer pistols (HK and Glock come to mind) suffer from the same problem, either currently, or in the past? I have seen the videos of Glocks submitted to extreme impact and extreme cold torture tests and go on running properly. I do not know if my P99's could survive that kind of abuse. We are now approaching two decades of production of the P99 in one form or another with several succeeding versions of frames. It speaks well for the basic design and plastic formulation that frame cracks have been rare in the absence of some traumatic event such as a blown cartridge case head or a violent external impact.

However, we really don't know much about the long-term effects on plastic frames of the chemicals in lubricants and cleaners or decomposition simply from age, or from exposure to ozone, ultraviolet, etc. It's hard to predict whether a P99 frame will be as serviceable 100 years from now as my S&W.455 2d model Hand Ejector made in 1915 still is today. But if the frame does crack, so what? Not a big deal.

Crack Serial Cracks Hk Pistols

Replace it and move on. Sure, it carries the serial number, but that's just a paperwork problem. It's not as if a plastic frame is the most expensive component or even the essence of the gun. Once it pops out of the injection mold like a plastic toy, it's identical to thousands of others and completely finished --nothing to choose, nothing to give it distinction.

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SIG/Sauer's P250 illustrates how ancillary a plastic frame can be; they sell different sizes as accessories. Those who commune with their firearms in an animistic way will see a quasi-philosophical issue here.

Does a gun have a soul? If so, where in the gun do they reside? Which parts can be replaced without transforming its innate character?