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Fix Dico 800 CCTV Application. Dico 800 free download, dico dvr software, download dico 800, dico driver, dico dvr 800, dico yahoo 800, dico cctv software. Dico 800 only supports 1 card for 4 cameras max. The Dico software is no longer maintained. Their web site offers multiple versions to download for free. Note: Many of the download links on their site are broken.

Dico Dvr Software Download

The is known by many names. • CCTV PCI DVR Video Capture Card DSR-104 • Conexant 878A 4-port PCI DVR Card • UCC4 Video Capture Card / clone • Peaqe Pico2000 (software) • SKY-104 from DVR Systems (similar) • Dico 900 (software) 4 Camera Security PCI Card.

Compression: MPEG4. Display Resolution: 352 x 240 (NTSC). Screen Display: 1/4/7/10/13/16 multi-view or full screen. Microsoft Autoroute Euro 2013 Full Lz02h3 here.

Network: Remote Monitoring and Recording with Search and Playback. Upgradeable - 4 cards in a PC for 16 cameras. Minimum PC capability: Pentium III 800 MHz or equivalent.

Contents • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Installation of Card Insert the card into one of the empty PCI slots, just as how you would install a sound card. Then turn on the computer. Your computer should recognize the new harddware, then choose installing the driver from CD.

The capture card should be recognized as 'IMAVISION Video Capture Device' and 'IMAVISION Audio Capture Device.' See 'Installation Guide.doc' for details on hardware installation. This program is tested to be compatible with Windows 98 and newer versions including Windows XP. The Pico 2000 / Peaqe Free Version A common bundled with the UCC4 Video Capture Card clones sold on eBay and overseas vendors. Many people have acquired a somewhat fully functional, non-trial, free version of the Pico 2000 software, or in some cases, even paid for it via an online auction site such as eBay. Download Lagu The Script Man On A Wire Stafa more. This version of Pico2000 does not require a key for activation.

However, it is a beta version of commercial software that is not supported by the developer. In some cases, it may even be a version that has been modified by a 3rd party. This Devil's version of Pico2000, or 'Peaqe' commonly bundled with the Pico (Conexant Fusion 878) card has certain defects, which make it unstable in some situations. It does not include a production installer and has to be installed in a very specific way for it to work. For some systems, it may not be possible to get the software to work at all. Software Setup Please follow the steps below exactly in order to eliminate any potential issues.

* These setup instructions for for the free versions of Pico / Pico 2000 / Peaqe cctv software. These may be bootleg versions and there is no support available for them.

• Set the screen resolution to 800x600. • Double click 'setup.exe' on the CD. • Choose 'Peaqe_104 (NTSC Application)' when prompted. Choose either 'Indeo 5' or 'MPEG4' as video codec. • note: Peaqe_104 is for a single cctv card installation allowing up to 4 cameras • note: Peaqe_208 is for a two PCI card installation: 8 cameras • note: Peaqe_416 is for a four PCI card installation: 16 cameras • At end of setup, choose 'No, I will restart my computer later.'

Note: It is important to not restart your computer at this point. • Before starting the new program 'PEAQE,' double click 'English Pack' on the CD. • You can reset the screen resolution back to the original setting. • Restart the computer.

• Redetect the drivers, their location is in the /drivers folder on the CD • Restart the computer when all drivers are installed. • Setup is now complete. Click the 'PEAQE' icon on desktop.

• After installation, when you log on, do not type in a password, click OK to log on. • Click the first block on second row, then choose 1-4 on the fourth row, depending on which port is connected to camera. • Where to change options. 'DSR Configuration' in Control Panel and 'Utility' in the main program. 'Motion Detection Triggered Recording' menu pops up when you right click the camera video image in the program.

Pico Software Troubleshooting • If there is an error message 'security key not found,' exit the program, restart the computer. • If picture shows but the program is not recording, uninstall both the main program and the drivers completely, unplug the card and insert into another PCI slotm then reinstall following the steps above. When prompted 'Image from previous DSR will be erased,' choose 'Yes, erase all.' • If you can log in the program, but there is no image, your camera may not be powered up or connected. • Refer to 'DSR' Help file for more details. The security key is not found. If the problem persisted, please contact your dealer.

Sometimes: 'The register security key is not found. If the problem persisted, please contact your dealer.' The DVR card software generate an Error: 'The security key is not found' Note: ***This error can be misleading. What it often translates to is 'Can't find the PCI card.' This is due to PCI slot unstability during first time hardware installation.*** Please try the following, it should work perfectly afterwards: • uninstall the software • unplug the card • reboot the machine, then switch off the computer • plug in the card, and re-install the software *** Modifications to the beta version of Pico2000 have caused an incompatibility with certain PCI configurations.

See the ' section below for details. Another technique: The drivers are located on the pico disk. Copy them and paste them into your C: WINNT system32 drivers folder (for windows 2000) VGACard.sys VGACard.inf KUTILS.sys KUTILS.inf CG300vc.sys CG300VC.inf CG300AU.sys CG300AU.inf Yes these drivers are located on the pico disk. Copy them and paste them into your C: WINNT system32 drivers folder (for windows 2000) Then reboot and install the english pack app. Then if you try and open the program again it might say 'key not found' install the DVR card into your machine now and then open the program again.

Your program will now find the 'Key' on the card, and it will work. New motheboards and high IRQ's The UCC4 card will not work on a (those above 16). If the card is assigned IRQ 20, for example, you will get the error about the security key because PICO can't find the card on that high IRQ. In a working KNOWN GOOD configuraiton with a single card, the Star Imavision Video Capture drivers used IRQ 10. The KG test system used an old Intel Pentium III motherboard.