Digi 002 Pro Tools 8 Le Compatibility

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Oct 11, 2017 Digi 002 (pro tools 12) Renan. Mbox 3 and Mac OS High Sierra compatibility. 2,208: Unable.

Digi 002 Pro Tools 8 Le Compatibility

I just bought a digi 002, which cam with pro tools, i also bought a new HP computer with Windows XP and installed a fire wire port in it. I installed pro tools fine but when i tried to install the digi002 as new hardware i had a problem. It says it cannot find this one drive, but i will even show the computer where it is, cuz its on the pro tools cd and even in ym program files and everytime i do this, my computer restarts, any ideas why this may be happening? Has anypone ahd a problem like this? Should I just take the comp back and buy a G4? Thankyou any help will be appreciated.

I am not familiar with Pro Tools on PCs, I use it on the Mac. I recently purchased a Digi 002 and it would not be recognized by the system.

A replacement Digi 002 solved the problem. There have been definate problems with the Digi 002 production line. Intellij Idea 13 Keygen Jar. Are you running the drive off of the 002 firewire bus?

Also, all the software must be on the drives, not the CD, and PT works best with the SW on one drive and the audio running to another. Check out the Digidesign Users Group and the Support page at Lots of good stuff there. Good Luck Uncle Bob. No need to make this a Mac vs. PC debate at all. I have used PT extensively on both platforms with equal degrees of stability and crashes. It's PURELY a matter of preference on the user's part.

Go with whatever platform you feel more comfortable with. However, definitely go check out Digi's website, as HP Pavilion PC's are specifically noted as having compatibility issues with 002. Some brand name, proprietary, pre-assembled PC's don't handle PT too well. If going with a PC, your best bet would be to consult Digi's website for component level compatibility recommendations, and then check out the computing area of these forums for help in getting what you need (we're talking about building a box from scratch, which can be done for not much more $$$$ than buying one already made) and getting it up and running. If you go with a Mac, well, go with the most Mac your $$$$ will buy.

002 and PT8 work great for me. LDHey, how's it going? I've recently purchased a Digi 002r along with Pro Tools 8. Don't you hate that akward moment when you first speak into the mic.& nothing happens! This happens EVERYTIME.I get new recording software.

Then I have to spend a day or two trying to figure out how to properly configure the settings. I don't understand why they don't go into MORE detail in the 'Getting Started' Guide. They just tell you all the painfully obvious BS!! I finally got some sound, but it's just static.still can't hear myself talk B(. 003 and 002 has same i/o.

The 003+ has 8 preamps instead of 4. The 003 has High Pass Filters on the preamps which are pretty sweet and the 003 has better preamps and convertors than the 002.

Download Free Rapidshare Carbon Copy Cloner Vs Super here. 002 with the BLA mod will kick the 003 in the ass all day. The 003 only has 4 pres but the 003 + has 8 'just ok' pres.

Waiste of money IMO but hey YMMV. The 003 has some cool monitoring features on it too.I'm interested to know what a 'BLA Mod' is, as I'm purchasing a used 002 soon. I'm buying it off a friend for $275, which I know is a great deal but I want to confirm it with other people first. I'm interested to know what a 'BLA Mod' is, as I'm purchasing a used 002 soon. I'm buying it off a friend for $275, which I know is a great deal but I want to confirm it with other people first.Good deal, yea its outdated in many aspects but will be a great piece to get you started for that price.

Altomusic has the digi 003 for like $500 ish and comes with PT8 if you wanna get something with a warranty. BLA mod is a mod from Black Lion Audio they upgrade the converters and the clock in 1 package and add the pre amps in another, dont quote me tho check their website. IMO the money would be better spent adding a good 2 or 8 channel converter box to the 002. Although some people praise the mod. To each his own.