Dreambox 7000 Cam Installieren

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Thanks for the info. I could move my dish to 1West but does DigiTV need a card or does the dreambox software decode it with a virtual addon cam? I just installed gemini and I see addons-cams but when I tried to download a cam it says disk is full but I have a 500gb hard drive which is empty.

Aug 13, 2014 How to convert a CCcam to Oscam and install Oscam in Dreambox - Duration: 2:52. FoMo Germany 13,653 views. How to install cccam.cfg.

Dreambox 7000 Cam Installieren

It looks like its trying to download to the box memory not the hard drive so how do I change it to use the hard drive space to store the addons? Sorry for all the basic questions I am totaly newbie to dreamboxing. Hi Tom, I have a DM7000S which I have owned for at least 5 years now and I'm still learning! I also still think it is the best electronic 'toy' I have ever bought! You have already received some good advice and I would say put FlashWizard to immediate use and install Multi-Boot. Connect and format a 1GB USB Memory stick and install an image of your choice (I like Gemini Images and am using 4.70 at the mo) in Multi-boot on the USB stick.

You will then have plenty of room for Emus (Cams), K€ys and other add-ons. It is best to leave the flash image totally bare and install the goodies in a Multi-boot image. That way if anything goes wrong and you can't recover your Multi-boot image, you just boot the flash image, remove the corrupt Multi-boot image with FlashWizard and either re-install it or install a different image.

I usually have several Multi-boot images installed. One will be my normal use image, another will be a fall-back if anything goes wrong with the usual image and another will be an image I use for testing bits and pieces of software I write that may be dodgy! Others will be older versions of images I have not yet removed or images I tried but did not like. Once you have installed one Multi-boot image, set up your Satellite configuration and favourites lists.

Then when you install further Multi-boot images, make sure the image with your settings is the current booted image. Ensure the 'Smart Copy Settings' box is checked in FlashWizard and all your Satellite settings and favourites lists will be copied to the new image as it is installed in Multi-boot by FlashWizard. Multi-boot is easy with FlashWizard and makes using an Enigma 1 DM7000S box so much safer and trouble free. My analogy is that installing and using a Multi-boot image on USB is like installing and using programs on a PC.

However installing Flash images is like re-flashing the Bios of your PC each time you want to run a different program! Go Multi-boot. CCcam (2.1.4) is prob the best to install, then MgCamd (1.35a) but with Multi-boot you'll have loads of room for both and much more. I use the Demonisat K€y updater and find it good, reliable and very quick with updates when channels are 'open'! Let's know how you get on?

Best wishes, John. Thanks for all the info! I will certainly try the multiboot system but I dont have a stick at the moment so can I install the multiboot to the hard drive? Right now I am using just a hard drive and when I try to download a cam it says disk is full but the hard drive is enmpty. The hard drive is working because I can record and play ok. It looks like its trying to download addons to the box memory not the hard drive so how do I change it to use the hard drive space to store the addons? I think this should be possible but I cant find any info about it.

Hi Tom, It prob will say that as it will be installed in a sub folder of /var which at the mo is in flash memory. When you set up Multi-boot it will be moved to the USB stick so you'll have loads of room. Yes, you can install Multi-boot images on an HDD. I have an HDD which I use for recording but have never installed any Multi-boot images on it. One of the old reasons for using USB was that if something really strange happened and the box insisted on trying to boot a corrupt Multi-boot image, then you could just unplug the stick and it would boot the flash image. Another reason is that the HDD will keep spinning all the time, rather than sleeping most of the time.

This gives (although small) an increased noise level from the box and increased temperature. However, as you do not have a USB stick and you do have an HDD, give it a whirl on the HDD, you can always change it when a USB stick is available. Lets know how it goes? Best wishes, John. BTW, I also have a Swap File on my HDD.

It's a good idea to set one up, box crashes less frequently with Swap enabled. You'll need to do it individually for each Multi-boot image. BTW2, Just had another thought. Although there will not be much room /var should not be full with just a bare image installed! Did you do a 'Flash Erase' after installing the image?

If not, Reboot the box by the 3 button method (Front panel Up, Down & Power buttons all pressed in together) then immediately hold in the Up button until 'Flash Erase' appears on the LCD display. Then go ahead with multi-boot installation. I'm not totally sure that HDD Multi-boot will move /var to the HDD rather than a USB stick (which in your case will not be there). Hi Tom, Two further tools that you will find very useful if not essential for use with your DM7000S are an FTP program (used to send files to the box) and Telnet (used to send Linux commands to the box). Both these facilities are provided to an extent by FlashWizard but I find it easier and better to use separate programs on my PC/laptop. When using Windoze, I use FlashFXP as my FTP program.

I bought this on-line download program when I first got my Dreambox and find it very good. It has more facilities than other FTP programs and is easy to use. If you want a free one that does most things then WS_FTP95 can be used (It works on XP but I don't know about more modern versions of Windoze). When you have connected to the Dreambox using an FTP program you can browse the file structure, almost like using a GUI file manager, which can be very useful. The main use of the FTP program is to transfer files on your PC/laptop to/from the Dreambox. Followed by use of the 'chmod' Linux command, when necessary.

Unlike Windoze, where anything with the correct file extension can run as an executable program (eg:.exe), Linux uses a File Mode. This sets who can do what with the file. In most cases Dreambox executables need to be set to 755 and other files left as they are after FTP. On my Linux laptops I use gFTP which is as good as FlashFXP and it's free. Telnet also allows you to view the file structure of the Dreambox but in a console window.

This is like using a Command window in Windoze (or if you are old enough to remember the pre-Windoze DOS (MS DOS or PC DOS). Everything is done using commands which can be quite difficult to start with.

Offline Yashomati Song. The Smart Telnet provided in FlashWizard is certainly adequate to start with and has some built in commands on buttons to make it easier. I have mentioned these programs as they will be needed to get add-ons (say, K€y downloader) or files (say, K€y files for the Emus) into and running on the box if they are not available as Gemini Blue Panel Downloads.

Free Reimage License Key Generator. They also allow you to see what files exist on the box at the moment and where they are in the file structure. Good luck with your Dreambox. Best wishes, John. Thanks again for all the wonderfull info, I am actualy quite familiar with linux because I run Ubuntu on another laptop, I am using windows with the flash wizard etc. I have filezilla for the ftp and putty for telnet. At the end of the day I see the dreambox has almost unlimited capabilites but after googling around I cant really find much to decode, there are 29 different cams available from the gemini project but what are they all for. Is there any movie channels to decode these days or is this all a thing of the past.

Looking at some old post in here and other forums it looks like most providers have protected themselves like sky digital did. I am not a sport fanatic so espn is not much fun other than to test the box capability. Hi Tom, Sorry, can't help with the 1W question but you are correct that the great days are over:-cry1. The majority of people have moved over to cs (of one sort or another) and us old K€y downloaders are in the minority now. We just have to wait for the next new set of K€ys and see what it opens:bayern. While we wait we play with other aspects of these fun STBs.

As for all the 'cams' in the Gemini downloads, as far as I know most of them are for cs. The only real up-to-date stand-alone Emus (Cams) are CCcam, MgCamd and Scam. There are also Camd3, Evocamd & Newcamd (but update work on this seemed to stop several years ago). The rest are just card servers/hosts afaik and of no use to us using K€y files. The only ones I have found to work with K€y files are the first three. I use CCcam most of the time, occasionally MgCamd will open something CCCam wil not and likewise even more occasionally Scam. I like to stream TV or Audio from my box.

I use it as a source of music stations while I'm at work. Although many of the stations are available as direct internet streams it's still fun to get them from your own satellite box, remotely switching channels while you're miles from home. And the audio of many of the TV stations may not be available any other way. For audio streaming (remote or LAN) or TV streaming (LAN) you will need VLC on your PC/laptop and if you want to launch it automatically from the Enigma Web interface then Firefox not IE. When you launch an audio stream remotely the box sends a file called audio.pls for VLC to open. This playlist contains the LAN IP of the Dreambox, which obviously works fine when you are at home.

However, when remote it is useless and the DynDNS you have set up (or fixed ISP Internet IP of home) is needed. On the forum in another thread is a script I wrote to auto edit the received audio.pls file and change LAN IP to DynDNS so that it works just as easily remotely as it does at home.

I eventually added a Slingbox so I can watch the channels while at work as well. Another of my scripts makes the Dreambox appear to be a source of multiple media streams, each accessed by calling on a different port number. What actually happens is that as a request arrives on one port the box responds by switching to a particular channel and streaming it. When the request changes to a different port number then the box switches to the channel associated with that port and streams it. I originally wanted it to do this so I could listen to the Dreambox radio (or TV audio only) on my WiFi internet radio. The channel switching and streaming work fine but the Internet radio does not recognise the mpeg stream from the Dreambox!

Works fine with VLC though but that was not what I wanted. I have used Ubuntu but at the moment I am using an Asus Eee PC (I have a 700 and a 900). I have FlashWizard and DreamBoxEdit installed in Xandros Linux under Wine.

As I said previously, gFTP and telnet are direct Linux programs. While playing with scripts I set up a set of pseudo Dreambox folders on the Eee where I can test things to some extent before letting them loose on a (definitely multiboot) Dreambox image. Best wishes, John. BTW, I have 13E, 19.2E & 28.2/5E on a DiSEqC switch.