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Aural Pressure's Europe lists this event as 'Peter Christopherson's Boys Choir (featuring,,, ) @ Torino GLBT Film Festival Ambrosio Cinecafe Corso Vittorio Emanuele 52 Turin Italy 9.00pm' is certainly blessed for posting these. Please check out their youtube presence. Thanks as always to F for the hip:) 2 clips from the rehearsal. 3 clips from the performance.

Free Download Golden Palominos Pure Rapidshare Programs For SingleFree Download Golden Palominos Pure Rapidshare Programs For Single

Hybrid Theory Rar Rapidshare. Zeitgeist Films recently released which includes The Angelic Conversation(original soundtrack:), as well as Blue. I highly recommend this set!

Hello Yes Hello. My apologies. Too busy, for sure.

And so Life, it goes on. Herein you will find many links regarding William S. Burroughs, some with sound, some with vid, all with some manner of writing from or about Uncle Bill. Of particular interest: 2 of the pics contain links, one of which is an excellent bbc programme narrated by Laurie Anderson regarding William and his influence upon others. Further infos follow. The other link is for an excerpt from Real English Tea Made Here. Puertos De Los Santos, to be exact.

Also, follow the Giorno links to UbuWeb archive mp3s. At any rate, I hope this finds you well and in as good a health as you can muster. Compare this to the Paris set(2004-05-23). I am right now. Very different energies between the shows.

I'd love to hear the continuity of this tour if someone knows of the Milkweg show's existence(2004-06-03). For now, though, do your own comparison. Duck Duck Goose Noise Noise And More Noise Rarlab.

I like the acoustic qualities of the room as translated in this recording. Mmm mmm good. Some audience chatter, but not too bad. 'At least they have a shower':) Recording ends after last song. I don't know if there was some manner of John saying thank you or such, but I should imagine he did.

'What were the Songs of the Week? How can I get them?

Song of the Week was a series of MP3 songs given away free from the website. Unfortunately some people decided to abuse that free privilige by redistributing them. That led to people obtaining the songs w/o the disclaimers posted on the site which clearly stated the feature would be removed if people tried to sell the songs on CD-Rs instead of give them away. People are still trying to sell the CD-Rs, so if you see them, denand the songs for free, since they got the songs for free. 'The Spoiler (LP Version)' 2.

'The Wheel (Vocal)' Released on compilation. 'The Anal Staircase (Dionysian Remix)' Released on. 'The Anal Staircase (Relentless Mix)' Released on compilation. 'Keelhauler' Released on. 'Is Suicide A Solution' Released on.

'pHILM #1 (vox)' Released on. 'Static Electrician' Released on pHILM #1. 'Red Scratch' Released on pHILM #1. 'Nasa Arab (No Skin (Aural Circumcision))' Released on album. 'If It Wasn't Wolves, Then What Was It' Released on compilation. 'Gnomic Verses' Released on compilation. 'Blue (Special Alternate Combination Mix)' Exclusive version.

'Theme From The ' 15. 'Bee Has The Photos' From.

'Egyptian Basses' From. 'Pre-Original Chaostrophy' 18. 'The Dark Age Of Love' featuring Marc Almond 19.

'Spastiche' From. 'Assassins Of Hakim Bey' Exclusive featuring and. 'Protection II' Exclusive, original released on. 'Rush (Black Sun Remix)' Released on. 'Stoned Circular III' Released on. 'Journey To Avebury' Released on Brainwaves with longer intro.

'Acid Jam (Part 3)' 26. 'Acid Jam (Part 2)'. Well, I had a request and usually I am unable to fufill such things, but I am able to offer due to the sublime kindness of a most gracious fellow lover of Coil (and double thanks, as you'll see) the Prescription edition of. Further back in is the edition.

Or so I thought. I now know for 100% that the edition posted previously at wassonii (as Sleepless from Latvia tried to tell me in the comments) is indeed the Acme/Prescription edition. I'll post the recent acquisition for a little bit here (192)and will update the erroneous post. As always, I mean well, I lay claim to being a fan, but not necessarily to being the most knowledgable fan. Och well, at least there's a lesson learned.

Ummm, I guess I'll be needing to hear the TH edition, then, as that's what I thought I was hearing:) Anyway, good infos follow. This will likely come back into print at some point, so when that happens, I will pull it. Please read the disclaimer. SOISONG info follows.

The following infos from the Sugar Factory site (follow link in above pic): ' feat../ dj././ live./ The evening will start of with a new edition of the illustrious Darkness is Enlightning, presenting cutting edge avant garde acts to the Sugar Factory. With earlier editions inviting Psycic TV and Throbbing Gristle, we are very proud to bring Soisong and to this edition.SoiSong is a new project by Peter Christopherson ( Coil;Throbbing Gristle) and IvanPavlov ( COH)The two-man show will combine Ivan's uncompromisingly-visceral computer based music with Christophersons decadent, dark and whimsical approach to artificial vocals and „South Seas2 instrumentation.The power and energy of Youth and the Russian Scientific Establishment with the filth, decay and corruption of English Maturity. SoiSong has been brewing for months in the gloomy Soi's, or alley-ways, of Bangkok, the world's most uninhibited Capitol city, where unlocked i-phones, hi-speed broadband, young brown flesh, and indeed Life itself, all come cheap.Val Denham is visual artist from Yorkshire, England. He has done work for (to name a few) Marc Almond, Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV, The Sword Volcano Complex, and Cyclobe. Always refreshing and unconventional, be prepared for a performance that you will remember.' Follow the link in the shirt to Soisong's blog post regarding merchandize, that shirt and the disc, including other tasty infos;-). January 20th, 2003 - a 'globally unique platform for electronic popular culture' located in Vienna, Austria - have teamed up with to release a series of DVDs featuring recordings of the lectures & workshops that they have been holding since last September.

Included in this series is a two hour recording of COIL's appearance there on October 30th, 2002. There is a catch, however: Each DVD is limited to a single copy which can be borrowed free of charge from the Spoiler library. Spoiler and their library can be found at Museumsplatz 1 in Vienna. From 'The Ape Of Naples/The New Backwards- 4xLP BOX SET and CD version of the New Backwards Available only from Threshold House we are offering the 4 LP Box set with a copy of The New Backwards on CD.

This CD is exclusive to the Box set. It is a FREE 'playing copy' of the fourth disc in the box called 'The New Backwards' The CD contains extra tracks not on the Vinyl.This box set includes 2 albums.

The first is the complete Ape Of Naples and the second is The New Backwards which is only currently available in this box set. The New Backwards appropriately is part of the Ape of Naples set. The material is additional completed versions of songs that were left unfinished, whose early raw loops and demonstrational incarnations might sound familiar to some but have never officially surfaced.


Anarcadia; All Horned Animals(Remote Viewing 2/Remote Introduction) 2. Amethyst Deceivers 3. A Cold Cell 5. Paranoid Inlay 7. Sick Mirrors(version) 8.

Backwards / Constant Shallowness Leads To Evil A sincere thank you to SA for this, as 2002 was a fine year for and to Sleazy for permission. As always, should this set be a part of CSO, I will pull it. Until then, please enjoy!

Tracklisting: HEILIGE TOD TOUCH DEFILES HAIL! THE WHITE GRAIN RUNES AND MEN TO DROWN A ROSE RED DOG - BLACK DOG THE FOG OF THE WORLD EUROPA: THE GATES OF HEAVEN AND HELL * PUNISHMENT INITIATION * BROWN BOOK - re-read ** BURN AGAIN * ZIMMERIT *** EUROPA: THE GATES OF HEAVEN *** BROWN BOOK **** * From 'Abandon Tracks' 2005. ** From 'The Cathedral Of Tears' CD compilation 1991. *** From 'To Drown A Rose' 10' 1987 & 'The Corn Years' CD compilation 1989. **** From 'Whiphand 6' logo version of 'The Cathedral Of Tears' CD compilation 1998. 1 to 7: Remastered tracks from 'Brown Book' Now sold out at NER and Soleilmoon, this disc is exclusive to the stone box.

Song List (One Track @ 256): Intro Music The Gimp (Sometimes) Sex With Sun Ra Broccoli All The Pretty Little Horses Tattooed Man (The Dark Age Of Love) Teenage Lightning (10th Anniversary) I Can't Get A Word In (edgeways) Wraiths And Strays Caveat: Only 5 or so minutes of last song. I didn't record it, I am just thankful to even hear it. So, thank you F for access and Sleazy for permission. A strange and wondrous set.

I am very interested to hear what Sleazy does with this one. Should this set be included in Colour Sound Oblivion, I will remove it from this site.

As a side note: Internet Archive has available. Selvaggina: Wild animals hunted for food, more notably larger game.

The Gimp - Sometimes Sex with Sun Ra All the Pretty Little Horses Tattooed Man Teenage Lightning Black Antlers Bang Bang Amethyst Deceivers Personnel: Peter Christopherson, John Balance, Thighpaulsandra, Tom Edwards (I seek second opinion on this as the Mason review is the only current source.) on marimba A great, cohesive set. Beautiful all the way around. As with my, I urge you to give a listen to both to know what the difference will be between the other archival recordings here on this blog and what will be part of the Colour Sound Oblivion set. A must if you haven't yet heard it. A surprisingly good review from Selvaggina at Selvaggina at and at here at least until CSO arrives/is announced (Thank you to Sleazy for allowing me to put the live stuff out for now. This used to be offered as DL from ThresholdHouse, but isn't any longer.

Should that change or the aforementioned CSO, this will be removed. Mille Grazie.). Some Some more of this show You know, I meant to take a better listen to this set to be more accurate on it's tracklisting. Unfortunately I didn't and the kind soul who gave me the opportunity to even hear this fantastic set either didn't note it or I misplaced the information (morelike the latter). My apologies.

I've kind of guessed at a couple, but let me know what you think/know. Regardless, excellent quality, for sure. Other infos contained within. Please read the disclaimer below and within and please heed. Otherwise, enjoy.

If this has been posted elsewhere, I don't mean to duplicate, so please advise. I hadn't seen it when searching. Anyway, carry on:) Between 256-3201.Nurse With Wound - Intro 2.Nurse With Wound feat. David Tibet (I think 'Dead Side Of The Moon', but that's only because of the lyric 3.Nurse With Wound 4.Nurse With Wound 5.

Nurse With Wound 6. Nurse With Wound feat. David Tibet (Two Shaves And A Shine, I think) 7. Nurse With Wound feat. David Tibet 8. Nurse With Wound - Intermission 9.

Nurse With Wound feat. David Tibet - Maldoror Is Ded p.s. Huffin' Rag Blues on track for this coming June:). (from a recent thread on the coil list. Dean who's review of The New Backwards can be found at )>'While researching my review of The New Backwards, I found out some information about the exact timeline of the famous 'Backwards demos' that might be common knowledge to some veteran Coil fans, but was new to me.For a long time, I had labored under the assumption that the so-called 'Backwards' demos were recorded in New Orleans, at Trent Reznor's studio, and represented work done by Coil intended for an album called 'Backwards' to be released on Nothing Records. This was my impression, and while I can't point to any one source for this, I thought this was the accepted version of things.

Turns out that this is very wrong.The demo tape containing Elves, Egyptian Basses, Simenon, Crumb Time, etc. Is actually from the very early 1990s, from sessions recorded not long after LSD, in the UK. These demos were recorded for Torso Records and were leaked very soon after, and the bootlegs have been making the rounds ever since. As everyone knows, these demo recordings were instrumental, and though they are often great, are more like rough sketches than finished compositions.After doing these demos, Coil got sidetracked with other projects like Black Light District and other things that seemed to them more interesting to pursue at the time.

The demos sat dormant, for the most part, until.Some vocals and extra bits were recorded 5-6 years later, in the mid-1990s when the Coil/NIN connection happened. 'It's a very nice bonus indeed, as this performance is unique among Coil's live history, and marks a sort of turning point for the group. Was a celebration of sacred sites and standing stones as expressed through history, folklore, art and sound. Basically, everything that Julian Cope was on about in his mammoth tome 'The Modern Antiquarian.' For this special event, Coil performed a long, drawn-out permutation on 'The Universe is a Haunted House,' turning the piece into a slowly evolving ambient sound sculpture involving the ghostly sound of water droplets, quietly droning synths, and a particularly spectral vocal improvisation from Balance.'

Every day our countdown continues all the way to #1. Monday’s album is #820: Percy Mayfield – His Tangerine and Atlantic Sides One of bluesman Percy Mayfield’s albums from the late 1950s is called My Heart Is Always Singing Sad Songs, and it perfectly captures his esthetic. Ironically, it’s not those songs that he’s best remembered for: his first big hit was Please Send Me Someone to Love. A few years later later he wrote Hit the Road Jack, iconically covered by Ray Charles.

In 1969, covered; twenty years later, Mose Allison did a killer version of that one. But Mayfield, an old soul if there ever was one, was the best interpreter of his own material. A star of the West Coast blues circuit in the early 50s, he narrowly survived a 1954 car accident that left him disfigured for life, with a sizeable crater in his forehead (the inspiration for ).

This is a 2003 reissue of 1962-74 recordings. Mayfield always sounded older than he was: among the 28 tracks here are the shuffling R&B of; the lushly orchestrated piano blues; the even lusher, far more modern-sounding; the slow, brooding; the funky, psychedelic and the Louis Jordan-esque. The titles pretty much speak for themselves: it’s some of the most wrenching stuff ever recorded. Mayfield’s stuff from the 50s is equally good: other albums worth checking out are his Specialty Singles compilation as well as the Poet Of the Blues, Memory Pain and Two Years of Torture anthologies. Posted by ,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . Every day our countdown continues all the way to #1.

Wednesday’s album is #832: Little Milton – Grits Ain’t Groceries Milton Campbell’s 1969 second album, a mix of live and studio tracks, perfectly capsulizes the point where the blues had evolved to include elements of 60s soul and funk. Little Milton’s growling, charismatic presence here owes more to singers like B.B. King, but the songs sprawl out with long vamps and intros like Lou Rawls and his contemporaries were doing in the mid-60s. Little Milton was always better known as a frontman than a guitarist, but here he reminds how underrated he was, with a bite and a precision similar to Luther “Guitar Jr.” Johnson, or what Buddy Guy was doing early in his career.

They open it slowly with Let Me Down Easy and follow that with the blustery, iconic: “If I don’t love you, grits ain’t groceries, eggs ain’t poultry and Mona Lisa was a man.” Subsequent controversies over who Mona Lisa really was only enhance the drama. There’s also a fervently stretched-out cover of B.B.’s the sultry blues ballad and the haunting, epicand that ends the album. Although he never quite hit this hard again, pretty much everything Little Milton ever recorded is worth owning, even the crooner albums from his Malaco Records period later in his career. After a life on the road, vital to the end, Little Milton died suddenly of a stroke in 2005. Posted by ,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . Every day our countdown continues all the way to #1. Sunday’s album is #835: The Essential Sonny Boy Williamson Famously covered by the Stones, Van Morrison and the Yardbirds (whose live album with him is a complete trainwreck), Sonny Boy Williamson’s sly, often leering vocals and somewhat unhinged playing have made him an icon among blues fans.

The great blues harpist, songwriter and showman was, like every bluesman of his era, a singles artist. For that reason, we picked this 1993 compilation from among the dozens of out there, many of them bootlegs, since it has the most tracks. 45 in all, recorded with a Hall of Fame list of Chess stars: drummer Fred Below, bassist/producer Willie Dixon, guitarist Muddy Waters, pianist Lafayette Leake and too many others to name. To blues scholars, this guy, Alec “Rice” Miller was Sonny Boy Williamson #2, to differentiate him from the first, John Lee Williamson, who was younger and whom #2 outlived by over a dozen years. From his days hustling on the chitlin and party circuit and then emceeing the King Biscuit Flour Hour,Williamson #2 developed a rakish persona to go along with a voracious appetite for alcohol and a knack for an aphoristic turn of phrase that fueled a succession of hit singles in the 50s.

The best-known one, if not his best one, is, butchered by the Allman Brothers to the point of being almost unrecognizable. Others you may recognize here are,,,, and Some of the other tracks here are ephemeral but virtually all of them are choice. Pretty much anything did during the 50s is worth hearing, if you’re into this stuff: by the 60s, he was pretty much running on (alcohol) fumes. Posted by ,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .