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Indeed, it shall be released when are satisfied with quality of the mod. We have set ourselves a high standard, so please bear with us while we tweak a little more. I promise that many will be pleased with the result, so we aplologize for the suspense and appeal to your patience. Rome wasn't built in a day.

In the mean time have a look at the ALMS V4.0 mod. It has some very strong points, 194 cars and some excellent tracks. It will keep many quite amused for a loooong time. Hats off to PhilH and Co. Keep it on the black stuff, smooth and fast. And never mind what SIMBIN developers themselves stated about the values used in GTR or what the most experienced modders have stated about this issue.

No it doesn't. If you are knowledgeable enough, do take a look at the original GTR tyr files. There's a difference between what you believe and what actually is taking place within the simulation. Technically, things are more complex than you think. This has been discussed ad nauseum, it's actually odd, if not outright amusing someone stating what you just have.

Eingestellt werden der interne Oszillator und GP3 GP4/AN3 GP5/CLKIN 2 als Input – folglich kein MCLR. LED7 LED5 GND. First you install Zaz Tools CSM. Have gpx_patch and a clean GP4.exe v1.02 installed. Download a mod, it is a cuh format file type. Run it, CSM will open and unpack it. Start the mod from CSMafter sel;ecting your configuration of how you wish to run the mod, driver, race typer etc. Select start. CSM will then.

Concern (as per Merriam-Webster): ' an uneasy state of blended interest, uncertainty, and apprehension '. Don't feel that way, m8, don't be 'concerned'. Just ignore GTR2 Reborn - that simple. Chronus Oh so its not being released then? Mark Knopfler And Chet Atkins Neck And Neck Rar Extractor. I understand what you guys are trying to do.

Gp4 Mod Installieren Anleitung

I've done it many times with overhaul mods myself. However you will always come back to the vanilla GTR. What I meant was how are you going to make the cars more realistic? I said road cars cause most of the normal info are available for those on the web. Race cars however are a different story. There are many different versions of the same car in different races because there are different rules in each championship.

It will be almost impossible to get the info for them unless you were an insider like Henrik Roos was. The GTR 1 tyres are the most simulative, compared to GTR 2. What I mean is compare the lap times of GTR 2 to the real world for that season. You will see that they are as much as 10 secs faster. One can maybe argue that GTR 2's tyres are more realistic in terms of actual simulation. However, it is missing a key part. The tyres are 'unlocked' so you can drive that race car totally different that you would be able to in RL.

I mean push it more. You don't have to worry about smashing a very valuable race car, and you don't have to worry about smashing the most valuable thing of all.

Ie Your Life. GTR 1 tyres sort of had all this in mind, that is why I say they are more realistic. That, I believe, is the KEY issue with racing simulations - any of them. Real pilots risk their lives, sim racers do not.

GTR 1 had many virtues. Some values used in the tyr files were ok. Not so with others. Problems with GTR 1 tires are well known. GTR 2 tires, and this has been stated by Arnao/Reynolds, were also a result of making it less difficult for drivers to drive these cars (see Autosimsport interviews and the famous 'drivability reasons'). This on top of several missteps taken while 'configuring' tyr and hdc files. Both GTR1 and GTR2 physics files suffer from similar 'illnesses', also discussed ad nauseum here and elsewhere.

As we state in the GTR2 Reborn Manual, several modders or mod groups dealt with these problems in interesting ways. Our group crunched every bit of data we gathered into, shall we say, 'models'. The result of these is finally here.

We hope GTR2 fans/loyalists enjoy our work and believe in it. Of course, when time comes, or, as the teaser says, soon. Thanks Chronus. I for one would not have responded as politely as you did to the comments levelled at our project. Your response was mature and pertinent. Mine would have had a bit more 'bite' to it.

Thank you once again For the sake of fredsas, as a 'test driver' for the Reborn project, I shall add 5c worth here: You question our applications in searching for 'realism' in making our modifications without any prior knowledge of the changes that have been made or OUR standards with regards 'realism'. One absolutely MUST concede that the notion of 'realism' in a sim is very limited, since no physics model can ever be perfect. We therefore have the limitation of the game engine provided (physics model).

Obviously while working on a project of this nature there will be various 'releases' of the mod depending on the changes made after learning from previous releases and due to the progression of the intended outcomes. We are now having to deal with the conundrum which faces ALL simracing developers: Do we go for as much authenticity as possible, or do we relax the variables of the model to make the cars more 'drivable' for the average simracer.

We now sit with this problem, since the previous 'version' was rather forgiving with regards car behaviour and drivability, whereas the version I am currently testing is anything but forgiving. The current version being tested is challenging to come to grips with, since the cars seem to be behaving more and more like real race cars. It requires some serious talent and practice to be able to drive the cars from the latest release consistently fast. The margin for error is tiny.

One minute you're blasting around the track, thinking you've mastered the physics of the car, have the best racing lines, braking points and apexes, merrily pushing your ability and the car to it's limits. In a split second, 'something goes horribly wrong', you lose it through a fast sweep or in a heavy braking zone and instantly your race is over (thankfully you still have your health). We are even having a problem with the AI, since they seem to be struggling with the new level of difficulty (authenticity). Tire management is also a great factor in this release. Drive hard and you cook your tires, minimizing their 'life span' and losing grip. Manage your tires well, drive smooth (but still fast) and the tire temperatures remain within realistic limits and the grip remains for the 'conceivable' life of the tires. Quite authentic IMHO.

Personally I feel this is the way to go since I am an avid enthusiast and would enjoy as much authenticity as possible. SURELY, there is a very good reason that few people have the ability and the opportunity to race beasty GT cars.

Now do we emulate this in the Reborn project? I would say, 'Yes, let's go for the holy grail', but then we'll have the problem of excluding many simracers (due to various levels of ability) from the sheer enjoyment of simracing. This would not be advantageous (probably not even fair) to the majority of the simracing community which we are a part of.

I echo your sentiments with regards authenticity and realism. However, we need to be reasonable. The work that Chronus and Barry have done thus far is nothing short of amazing. If anyone knows the GTR2 engine well it's these two.

They have dissected it no end. They are so intimate with the GTR2 engine now that they probably have a few 'mini engines' running around (LOL). And they have done an amazing job! 'Also I'm concerned about this trying to make the cars handle more like real cars?? Are you trying to make them handle like road cars?' Mmmm, would this not completely defeat the objective of a GT racing sim?

What on earth gives the impression we're trying to turn GT car behaviour into that of road cars? No, we're after authenticity (and perhaps a little drivability, but we'll see where this goes) with regards car behaviour of racing cars.

Come on, let's admit it: We're all 'boy racers' here, dreaming of the day we can climb in a real race car and test our talents. The closest most of us can get to this ideal is simracing (I'm jealous of those who drive real race cars).

So, trust us when we state that we are after authenticity with the Reborn project. With regards a release date: who knows. Every time we learn something new about the physics model and make the appropriate changes, something else pops up.

'Fudge factors' abound when using a good physics model of a race car and making it 'more drivable' for the average person. Making one aspect of the physics more realistic exposes another fudge factor which needs to be dealt with. But the thing is that everything is interconnected: change one variable and you affect quite a few others. Finding a balance to realise authenticity is an absolute nightmare. We have been working for a considerable amount of time on this project. We shall NOT release it until we are satisfied. The members of IRG are a group of talented gents who are very specific about what they want and what is acceptable when searching for authenticity.

I assure you and everyone else following this project: when we release it you're almost going to wish we made it 'easier', when in fact we're hoping to produce as close to a 'zero flight time simulator' as possible, much like those used to train pilots. When we're done with this you should be able to learn how to drive the car in theory, learning driving techniques applicable to a race car. The transition from sim to RL would then only require the driver to adapt to RL G-forces and to get over his/her fear of dying.

AND A HUGE up to the 'mechanics' of IRG. You guys are doing a stellar job.

Keep it up, regardless of what others might say. Hi thephantomstar ( Hmmm, sounds mysterious ). Our workshop has the final version, and the guys are being very diligent in trying to break everything So far their best efforts have failed, but they are very determined. Using the project all i think about during a session now is, when is someone going to throw a caution so i can have a rest Whatamack (very nice man), is very kindly tuning the tracks for us. I'm sure the community have tried his work (in the GTR2 download section), and it has literally pushed the AI in the reborn project up another level The testers have been tied to their seats these past months, and their intraveniously fed meals have now been upgraded to Marmite and Chillie Peppers.

Dribbling is still a major problem though I know it's frustrating only reading words and not seeing action, but it's sooo close now. Regards Barry. .There is every indication that GTR2 Reborn will be available in Jan 2011, but of course we will take every opportunity to release it earlier if we can. Regards Barry - Independant Rebels Group hey barry, any news? Don´t let this become 'the great project that was never finalised'. We are all in high expectations because of ur words. When will we be able to prove if they are right?

Me not pushing, just asking for some more regular updates what´s going on behind the scenes. (even in the case u got bad news like 'sorry guys, we think about 2012'). We were looking to incorporate our project into the GTSEC mod (the original), to give a more complete package, but we will see if we have time enough to do that the nearer we get to the end. Regards Barry Hi Barry, First of all, thanks to you and the others on your team for all the work to improve GTR2. Which version of the GTSEC mod are you referring to? When I Google 'GTSEC', I am pointed to many links (some valid and some broken) that are for version 1.5 with additional text indicating it's the final edition. Is this what you're testing with?

Also, I'm a casual GTR2 racer in that I've only ever used it stand alone and then only with a few mods that caught my fancy. In so doing, I have a fairly large single installation of GTR2. Will it be better to install a clean copy of GTR2 along with the GTSEC mod? If so, how do I bring along the 9.0+ GB of tracks and skins I've downloaded over the years? Any insight and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for all the hard work!

Hi NoClue48.. We are using the GTSEC Mod Final version by raiden - (part 1). (We will be releasing the Project complete with the GTSEC mod). The Reborn Project effects only the default GTR2 files, so theoretically it's possible to overwrite on top of what is already there. Of course the risk is quite great that something will go akimbo, therefore i would suggest a clean install of GTR2.

You could always copy the default GTR2 and install your other mods into that. Tracks can be tricky, as different track makers/modders 'tune' (or not), the.AIW to their preference, and/or for the mod that the track is made/modded for. We will be supplying optimal default track.AIW's for the project. I mean by 'optimal', in that the driving lines are almost perfect, so there is minimal, if any, 'odd' behaviour of the AI.

We have strived towards the premise - If real life drivers don't do it, the AI will not either. Of course you can drop any tracks you want into the Locations folder, and (sticking my neck out here), the cars will more than likely be better than default cars on the same 3rd party tracks. But mileage will vary of course, because even a slight inconsistancy in the.AIW driving line will effect the whole of the race. 'Whatamack' has done sterling work with tracks.AIW's, and has released various.AIW's for 3rd party tracks in the No-Grip download section, and i would fully recommend any of his work. If you do use 3rd party tracks, then i do suggest you see if Whatamack has released an optimised.AIW for it, as the difference can be quite staggering I hope this helps in some small way. Regards Barry. From what I've read in this thread they haven't decrypted the.exe.

Only one that I know of who has decrypted the exe and actually read the code is darkshadow433. He has done a huge amount of testing and documentation on the AI and what the lines in the various files correspond to in the.exe.

But he is not involved in this project either. Here is a link to what he was working on, really an amazing effort. He has for the moment decided to not release it, but hopefully he'll change his mind one day.

His attention to detail is insane! Sorry we haven't been attentive in this thread. The story so far. We haven't heard much from the testers. This isn't because they are busy elsewhere, it's because they never come into the pits Seriously though. Soon is a word used too much (Hmmm, i've just used it ) I believe it's almost ready, just waiting on a few small points that need to be confirmed as correct.

As the base for the hardcore community, i'm sure you guys are aware that one small inaccuracy in the physics reflects throughout the rest of the game. Personally i've had more fun in NGT's than GT's. The project is at the stage where unlike all other games/mods, any one of the AI cars have the ability to win a race, be it GT's or NGT's. The manual we will be supplying with the project outlines all we have done, and the extensively proven documentation we have drawn from. Also the reasoning behind everything we have done.

Nothing is kept 'secret' and is open for all to see. Decrypting the exe is a taboo subject with any game. At a stroke it removes the 'spirit' of modding, and invariably splits the community. If an altered exe is produced, i would hope that it remains as a private project and not distributed until such time as the developer issues a statement declaring the game in question 'IS NO LONGER SUPPORTED AND HAS BEEN RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC FOR FREE'. Having said that, there is still the law of copyright to follow. No two ways about it - altered exe's are illegal, can be costly in the courtroom, and really not worth the trouble it causes.

Regards Barry. Do you mean like this. 0031450 0 Unable to adjust texture for material:%s, tex0=%s, tex1=%s, tex2=%s 0031498 0 Dev Src Copperhead App Source util.cpp 003214CB 007214CB 0. Two obvious questions are - Do you interrogate the exe for personal knowledge without gaining additional functionality which is not provided by default? Or gain knowledge and change functionality through dissasembly and release a modified exe?

Below is my personal take on the subject.. Dissasembling any propriety code is by the letter of the law illegal. Any functionality gained because of dissasembly, is called 'reverse engineering'. Part of the 'Legal' screen of GTR1 states - 'extraction, decompiling, dissasembling, or reverse engineering of this product..

Is prohibited'.. You'll probably find that any propriety program is covered by the same or similar legal rights. If a modified exe, or a mod that contains additional, or changed default functionality that could only be obtained by dissasembiling an exe, is i'm afraid against the law and the spirit of modding. Modders have achieved superb work with what they have. This has always been the way, and most developers except this as a natural progression of their work (and possibly increase in sales). Having said that - Games that are locked or encrypted, are done that way for a purpose, which invariably means they do not wish for the code to be changed.

We know e.g some SimBin games are encrypted, we know that modders use a 3rd party utility to decrypt the files, but we should also bear in mind that at any time, SimBin could pull the legal dept in - (thankfully they haven't). It's not set in stone that as the exe is not modified, the risk of legal action is greatly reduced, if they wish to, they are within their rights to stop all modding of their products.

It only takes one person to release something that a game developer takes offence to, and the whole community could be wiped out. Base line is - Who is going to be the one to do it.

Sorry for the rant but this is my opinion on the subject. Regards Barry. Barry, I don't think we have to worry about anyone releasing a modified.exe. I think it is only being done by those who are inquisitive about how the game engine works and how it corresponds to the various files. I know that dark only did it to gain a better understanding of what and how to modify certain lines pertaining to the AI. I also know that he has NOT shared this(decrypted exe) with anyone. I also completely agree with you and your concerns.

But I don't see the harm in one trying to gain a greater understanding of the game engine, yes it is violating the letter of the law so to speak, but with only the intention of making the game better. The CD protection for the game has been cracked for so long people think its something issued by SImbin.

The 'No CD patch' that you can download here is a crack. 'Reloaded' is the name of a scene/warez group that cracks the protection of a lot of games. Yes to go online you still need a valid key, but you can play single player with it even if you never paid for the game. As for someone releasing a modified exe, I can't see that being done unless it solves some inherent flaw in GTR2 of which there are none. Not saying the game doesn't have faults, it does but not like GP4 which is one of the only sims I know where the exe was decrypted and repacked. But this was done to allow various mods to the game and to solve several other issues. GPL has also been decrypted, modified, and repacked, doing that allowed tracks like Targa Florio and the various mods that are out there for it.

If it ever does happen but its done in the spirit of those games I don't feel that's a bad thing and I don't think Simbin would get too worked up about it either. Just my thoughts on the subject. Fundamental Molecular Biology Allison 2nd Edition here.