How To Fix Cydia Downloading Packages Stuck

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How To Fix Cydia Downloading Packages Stuck

IPhone Stuck on Apple Logo After Installing an App from Cydia, How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Boot Logo Every Reboot. Downloading about 600+MB from apple.

The last couple of days while this process is running I end up with the following error message: 'Error: POSIX: Operation timed out'. Any idea that this means? Cataloging Single Issue Of Serial. ThanksHave you added any new sources to Cydia?

One (or maybe more) of your sources is not responding, so then Cydia times out, and you get that error message. I guessed which source it was (one I had recently added --> and deleted it from the list of sources.

After that Cydia updated just fine. So, ssh into your iPhone and remove the offending source. Here is the path to the sources -->/>private>etc>apt>sources.list.d.

I figured it had something to do with one of the servers for a specific source. Guess cydia need to be updated to check a sources server to see if it is actually up instead of getting stuck trying to connect. Sure there is a time out period but maybe that period can be a little shorter. Or even a ping event to see if there is a reply. You are correct on that source. I removed it and all is well. Kasam Se Tv Serial Mp3 Song Download.

Also thanked you in the other thread. Though i simply removed from the 'More Sources' on the cydia home page. No need to ssh.