How To Save Ebook From Chegg Homework

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How To Save Ebook From Chegg Homework

Free Articles Archive How To Save Ebooks by Maggie Lietz - Copyright 2008 This might seem like a rather odd subject to be writing about. After all, anyone who has downloaded and saved files on their computer would think that the answer to the question of how to save ebooks would be obvious. I guess that's a reasonable assumption if you're comfortable with computers and performing some of the usual tasks associated with them.

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How To Save Ebook From Chegg Homework

But there are plenty of people who haven't reached that point. The truth is, how to save ebooks is no different than any other task. It needs to be learned, somewhere, somehow.

And until you know how, it can be a difficult and frustrating handicap. But rather than debate whether or not the question is worth exploring, it's much more relevant to simply answer it.

Having worked with ebooks for so many years, it's obvious that one of the biggest hurdles for most individuals is the fact that they just can't quite get their mind around what an ebook really is. So let's start there. Although it's called an ebook, it's really nothing more (or less) than any other file on a computer. Blank Map Of British Columbia on this page.

Once it's on your computer, you can copy it, move it, save it, delete it. And just like other files, you use the same procedure to save an ebook. The only difference is, you're acquiring the ebook from a location other than your computer. Most often, it begins with a download link. You click on that and a File Download dialog box opens up. That's when you have the opportunity to either 'run' (or 'open') the ebook or 'save' it. Always select save.

At that point, another dialog box will appear. This one wants to know where you would like to place the ebook. In other words, a specific location on your computer.

With Windows, you'll see the words 'Save in:' at the top left of the dialog box. Next to that is a form field with an arrow on the right-hand side. Clicking on that arrow will show you different locations on your computer. Although there are many, it's always best to save ebooks in a specific folder.

Rather than go into all the different ways you can create folders, we're only going to focus on one (you can always learn alternative methods later on). During the process of downloading an ebook, use the dropdown menu in the 'Save in:' dialog box to select My Documents. Once you've clicked on My Documents, several folders and/or files will appear in the window just below. In that lower window, right click on any area of open white space. In the menu that appears, move your cursor over the word 'New' and then click on the word 'Folder' in the next menu that appears.

You should now see the words 'New Folder' highlighted in blue, blinking. Without clicking on anything, use your keyboard to type in the word 'downloads' (without the quotation marks). Now click on the word 'Open' in the lower right-hand corner. Then click on 'Save'. That will save your ebook in the folder you just created (downloads).

To locate the ebook you downloaded, open Windows Explorer (from the start menu or by holding down the Windows flag key on your keyword while you press and release the 'E' key). Once Windows Exporer is launched, open My Documents, and then open the downloads folder. The next time you download an ebook, and you get to the 'Save in:' dialog box, follow these steps: 1) select My Documents, 2) select the downloads folder, 3) click on the word 'Open', 4) click on the word 'Save'. If you're feeling real confident, you can even create sub-folders within downloads to organize the different ebooks you save to your computer.:) Need further instructions? Refer to the at Maggie Lietz ABOUT THE AUTHOR Maggie Lietz specializes in writing, creating, and publishing ebooks.

Plenty of valuable information about ebooks, online business, and Internet marketing is available on her website. Professional services include website and graphic design, copywriting, and ebook cover images. Feel free to use the above article in its entirety. All I ask is that you include my 'About the Author' resource box.

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