John Mayer Continuum Special Edition Megaupload Shut

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Update # 6 December 12, 2007 @ 12am Again, I just don't want to start a new John Mayer post. Plus, this is the post that's Johm Mayer download central. Over at TryJM, they have a post where you can download the December 8th, Charity Revue that happened at the Nokia Theatre. Here is the link to that: Thanks to Susi and Debbie. However, the download site really sucks, so I've uploaded the files to There is just a wait, but no confusing site prompting you for money and no wait between downloads.

John Mayer Continuum Special Edition Megaupload Shut

The discography of American singer-songwriter and guitarist John Mayer consists of seven studio albums, seven live albums, three compilation albums, two video albums, four extended plays, twenty-four singles and seventeen music videos. Born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Mayer moved to Atlanta, Georgia and began. OmniBus Special Edition Comes With Actual Bus. Posted in News Roundup at 5:15 am by Dr. Another Blog for Music Sharing! John Mayer - Continuum (2CD) (2007). All The Right Reasons. 2017 Pluralism in Search of Sustainability. The Impact of the Megaupload Shutdown on Movie Sales. 2012 Special Forms of Support.

Here are the links: Enjoy. ________________________ Update # 5 10:57pm Seoul, South Korea, July 30, 2007 I forgot that a friend shared this with me. I've uploaded it to MegaUpload: The making of In Repair: The instructions for Megaupload are below. Update # 4 2:10pm Seoul, South Korea, January 22, 2007 Just because I'm not starting a new Mayer blog for this, I'll just update it here.

John Mayer Continuum Special Edition Megaupload Shut

I'm very thankful to the folks at the blog for uploading and sharing the links to the.mp3 files of John's January 19, 2007 interview with 98.7 FM in Los Angeles. I was off skiing, and I missed it. However, what I hate is RapidShare which makes you wait up to 18 minutes between files to download. I've taken the files and moved them to Megaupload which is where I've also uploaded John's preview of his Continuum album which he also did on 98.7 FM. The interview is in two parts and it runs about 8 minutes each.

16 minutes o'fun with John Mayer.ain't it amazing? Download and enjoy, my sweets! The Megaupload instructions are below after the Continuum preview links.

Update # 3 2:10pm Seoul, South Korea, November 2, 2006 Due to ineptitude on the Mayer site I've located, zipped and uploaded the Live at the Chapel performance for those who missed it. There are Megaupload instructions below after the Continuum preview if you need them. Update # 2 5:45am Seoul, South Korea, October 29, 2006 is open for anyone and everyone, so I've removed the 2006 tour photos as I really could give two cents about tour pics. Now that you can join, join and check them out on The link to the group is on the John Mayer site. Update # 1 5:55pm Seoul, South Korea, September 13, 2006 (early AM on the 13th in the States).

Now that Continuum is out, I'll link this first and then you can scroll down for the rest of the contents. Basically, Mayer wrote a nice blog about being a musician and his new release. It might be an act, but he strikes me as someone who truly 'keeps it real', as they say, more often than not. Being from L.A.

I'm quite jaded about entertainment folks. That's very sweet and touching, no? -------------------------- If it isn't completely obvious now, I'll just say that I'm a recent convert. Hell, I've mentioned his music and other stuff surrounding him in three or four posts and this blog is just two months old.

It smacks of a new discovery which I admit, for me, he is. I've not lived in the States since 2000. I fucking love this guy's music. Plus, he's damn funny. He reminds me of friends I used to hang with back in the day. And, my regular readers know I don't swear much in my writing (live might be another issue, but I'll leave that to my friends to judge), so this has to be the real thing as I've found that I lock into truly talented artists after I discover them. That goes for newbies or the vets.

I think Mayer is destined to be a well-respected vet. Plus, I also like that the newbie aspect means he's tapped into the internet and has a pretty slamming. A lot of newbies don't have the brain power to write stuff that is engaging.

This guy does. Sometimes it's heavy on the merchandise plugging, but it's his damn blog and where else can he unapologetically plug his wares? I can do without the throngs of silly and giddy females, but that comes with the territory if you're a decent looking young guy, which he is.

It just stinks of everything I hate about, L.A., my hometown: groupies, sycophants, hangers-on, flatterers, etc. Don't get me wrong. There are some good souls in L.A., but this other category of people make me wanna. Forgive me, I'm just a sensitive L.A. Born and raised soul. Anyway, his new album,, is set to drop on September 12th. I pre-ordered it because I don't want to have to deal with running around to record stores here.

Noli Me Tangere 5th Edition By Maria Odulio De Guzman Filipino. I mean they'll have it, but will they have it at the exact moment that I have the time to drop by and get it? Plus, if you've read my recent post about my upcoming class schedule you know that I'm going to be screwed from September 1st until the semester is over. It's best just to be efficient, take care of business and order the damn thing. Mayer's record company has my money already. C3dx Hsp56 Audio Driver Windows Xp. What's cool is he decided to debut his album on L.A.' Well, technically, yesterday as it debuted at 5pm on August 23rd, PST which is the next day here.

I got up, tuned into the 98.7 webcast, and I simply loved the CD. Star 98.7 has a link (which doesn't seem to be working as I type this), but if you want to download the file I'm here to serve.

Due to the hard work of another Mayer fan on, I can link you to the full broadcast so you can listen to it yourself. Thank you so much Creepy!

You have three choices: 1) You can download it in four segments or download the zip file of the whole thing. I have a DSL connection and for the separate segments it took me maybe 3 to 4 minutes each to get the whole thing. These files are in.wav format. 2) You can download the full broadcast on one zip file. The zip file will take about 20 minutes on a DSL connection. 3) You can download the full broadcast in MP3 format (my choice). That way you can put it on an iPod or other MP3 player.

I'm firing up my Palm PDA right now. Thanks to, another fan from MySpace, who converted Creepy's zip file into MP3 format. Here are the links: If you need a primer, here you go. 1) When the page to MegaUpload opens there will be a box in the right hand corner. Next to it will be a three letter code.

2) Type in the three letter code and hit enter. 3) You'll then have to wait 45 seconds before you can download it. 4) Once it's ready it will instruct you to click to start the download. Just direct your computer to save the file and then let it rip. Come back with comments if you love it.

Come back with comments even if you hate it, but if you hate it.;-) Also, if you like it, show John some love and buy the CD. He's done something I haven't seen an artist do in a long time because of a fear of the rough and tumble lawless Internet. It's just brilliant marketing if folks who like it go and throw down the cash for it when it comes out.

If Mayer won't be playing in your town here is his Webster Hall performance that was streamed on the net on September 13, 2006. (BTW, Webster Hall was a fun club the last time I visited NYC.). Anonymous I found your link via MySpace and was pleased to be able to hear the new JM. I missed it this morning due to the fact things have been very busy around here. So glad I listened.

I try and keep an objective opinion about everything especially music and I feel this CD is John Mayer’s best work yet. After the trio CD the bar had been raised and I was not sure if he would pull thru with this new solo album.

Lucky for us he did! The song “Stop this Train” is my favorite. He has such a gift for music writing.

I truly think he is a strong voice for our generation. I can’t wait to be able to buy the CD and dissect even more.

I only wish certain people can look beyond “your body is a wonderland” hit to see how much he is actually capable of. I was able to convert my husband into a JM fan after he heard the Trio CD haha.

Can’t wait to see him here in Houston in October!!! Thanks again for the link.

I have to admit, and I've written about that song in a prior post. 'Your Body Is A Wonderland' was just too much of groupie bait for me. (It's in the July archive). It's a nice song, as, yes, I have changed course. I now own it, but it's not something my pride will ever let me admit I love. I tend to quickly admit my faults and the fear of being labled an inane girly fan is one of them.

I think that's because I still have the stink of a Duran, Duran nut on me. I can't seem to live it down with friends, but for good reason. But this is all about the music. The John Mayer Trio CD is what led me like a moth to flame to appreciating his music.

As for the link, you're welcome. I like to focus on international news, but if you click around you can see I'll support those artists I like too. If anyone needs the links, share the love and pass them on.

Thanks for your comment. I really dig them! Anonymous My husband is working on his undergrad in Political Science and is trying to get into law school to study international law. I am currently working on my degree for Sociology. Not to mention we are all about the music.

It’s what keeps our blood pumping day in and day out. It’s so refreshing to see other people like yourself with such a strong love for music among other things. And that “bad taste in music link” is hysterical. I don’t know how many conversations I have had with fellow music lovers about how terrible the radio play is these days.

Nickelback is good music? I mean reallyit feels like the 80’s all over again with the exception of a good musician here and there (like John Mayer). Of course I live in Houston and the radio stations here are terrible. I will need to read thru your blogs in order to pick up on some new tunes. Yep, this is insomnia. But not all of my video picks are fluff free. I think my first one qualifies as fluff.

However, it's Amerie's 'One Thing' song. I feel like I'm talking to Dick Clarke (sp?) on American Bandstand, but it makes me wanna dance.;-) I'm not a music snob all of the time.

Yes, international law was my goal back in the day. However, I realized early it wasn't necessarily the practice, it was the allure of foreign places and foreign cultures. Again, it's a pleasure exchanging comments with your. Please do click around and feel free to drop by anytime.

You're welcome. I'm not much into pictures of rock stars, but I was offended that these were only on

That reeks of elitism as it only includes the 'educated” section of his fan base. The section doesn't exist anymore.

I'm hoping that's because the powers that be realize that if it was exclusive then it was exclusionary. These pics are still up at Facebook in his management’s profile, but nothing new is there. However, I believe, there are tour photos on his website in the “tour” section. Yeah, it's been a few good years and a couple of Mayer cruises since that broadcast, and Megaupload just got destroyed by a Federal investigation.;) I know I have the sound file on a hard drive somewhere. It might even be somewhere in the cloud (runs off to look; nope haven't stored it there.) I'll have to find it, and I'm in NYC right now. I'll look for it when I get back.

In the meantime, you can also go to the Mayer-specific websites because people there will always have the files too and can help you out. Since you didn't leave an email, I can't update you when I do find it (I don't publish comments with emails). I'm assuming you'll just check back. Oakland, CA, United States I'm an L.A. Native who lived in the Land of the Morning Calm, South Korea, for a bit too long.

I had a great time while I was there. I have a B.A. And law degree, but I earned a master's in international studies at Ewha Womans University. It was then I discovered that I love writing, thanks to this blog, and the things that grew out of writing it. For those who need to know where Korea is located. Korea is a peninsula that is split into two countries (North Korea and South Korea).

It's located in NE Asia between Japan and Taiwan. It's below the eastern coast of China and Russia. I moved back from NYC in 2011. It was exciting but definitely challenging. I 'made' it in NYC and well, as the song says. I'm back in the SF Bay area now.

I have led the charge organizing SFTech4Good Meetup since 2011 and am currently searching for a new full-time role. Leave a comment to contact me. Remember you have to include your email for a reply. (I screen my comments, so I won't publish it to the world, don't worry.).