Kahin Na Kahin To Hoga Serial 1st Episode

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KAHIIN TO HOGA STORY STARTING FROM 1 ST EPISODE:The close-knit family of Prof. Sinha comprises of his five daughters. Kashish, being the eldest, is the most responsible of them all. An archetype of the ideal daughter whom everybody would love to associate with she keeps her younger sisters firmly rooted to their background. Kashish and her sisters get involved in a freak accident but are forced to run from the scene the moment they hear the police siren, an act that haunts Kashish epi end.

Kashish is formally introduced to Sujal Garewal who takes her interview and asks her weird questions. Hassled by his questions and nervous about the answers, Kashish takes her failure for granted. Sujal happens to meet Kashish in a resturant where she introduces him to her sisters - Kanan, Mahek, Mouli and Charu - who don't hesitate to display their dislike of Sujal. Later, the sisters come to know that Sujal is the same person whom they had left unattended in the accident scene.

Kashish gets the, but the work politics trouble her. Kashish resigns from her job. Sujal is annoyed with his and asks Kashish to rejoin. Kashish impresses everyone except Sujal during an office meeting.

While Kashish is being harrassed by some goons, Piyush (Sujal's best friend) rescues her. This episode also introduces Rishi, Sujal's conniving brother. Sujal and Kashish both have irreconcilable differences that keep them at loggerheads. Kashish is working on computer.Sujal was passing by her cabin, and sees hashish confused,working on computer.He goes inside,Kashish sees him and Sujal gives him expression of 'keep sitting'.Kashish continues with her work.Sujal stands beside her and ahem ahem.there comes the moment.He bends down a little.Kashish has her hand on the mouse,Sujal puts his hand on her hand.She sees this,trying to free her hand but Sujal works quietly as if nothing is happening.Kashish gives a disturbed look to Sujal.and hurriedly frees her hand from the mouse and stands up saying 'SIRRR.!!!'

Kahin Na Kahin To Hoga Serial 1st Episode

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Sujal gives kashish a look,with the expression which says 'What?' .Sujal moves from that place.and walk backwards,stands near a table.and says.(Now the mostt aggressive conversation b/w Sujal & kashish) Sujal: Tumhe kya laga?

Touch' kurna chahta hun?Tum ho kya? Samjhti kya ho tum apne ap ko?Kashish: Sir!

Main us type ki ladki nahin hun. Sujal thinks of her good scenes with k k tells sujal she forgot josh file n goes home suajl sees her with piyush n is angry sujal with rishi n he writes fake letter 4 sujal by kashsih lalit tellin family about piyush engagement k sees rishi n mehak together epi. Vasundhara meets Prof.

Sinha and humiliates him. Then, she overhears Sujal confessing his love to his mother and changes her behaviour immediately. Sinha informs his daughters about Piyush and Kashish. A relentless Rishi plants the letter in Piyush's car for Sujal to find it. Sujal gets suspicious about Rishi's visit to Kashish's place. Kashish finds Rishi canoodling Mehek. Rishi challenges Kashish to throw him out of her house.

Kahin Na Kahin To Hoga Serial 1st Episode

Kashish gets him arrested. Sujal scolds Rishi and leaves the verdict on Kashish. Aman makes Sujal hear Mehek's messages to Rishi. Kashish, however, withdraws her case against Rishi. Both, Lalit and Chetan introduce their entire families to the media. Veena is surprised and shocked upon reaching Kashish's house.

Kashish is shocked to learn that she is about to get engaged to Piyush and not Sujal. Rishi informs Sujal that Piyush is going to get married to Kashish and fills his ears against her. Sujal's angst only gets reinforced when he discovers the letter that Rishi had planted in Piyush's car. Hurt and disheartened, Sujal returns the ring that he had purchased for Kashish, to his mother. Sujal refuses to listen to Kashish and accuses her of being characterless. A huge misunderstanding separates the love-birds, Sujal and Kashish. Sinha senses that something is wrong with Kashish.

Rishi starts avoiding Mehek and begins flirting with Mouli. Kashish talks about the misunderstanding to her father. Sujal talks about his love for Kashish to his mother. Piyush and Kashish encounter a drunk Sujal.

Sujal tells Piyush that Kashish had played with his emotions, but Piyush displays implicit faith in Kashish. Kashish discloses her love for Sujal to Piyush and requests him to accept her resignation.

Sujal comes to know of Kashish's resignation. Rishi initiates a tiff between Mehek and Mouli at a party.

Kashish comes in search of Mehek to that party. Just to make matters worse, Rishi forces Sujal to come to that party where Sujal finds Kashish and Piyush together. Rishi embroils Piyush and Kashish in his wicked ploy and then informs Sujal to add fuel to the fire. Mehek lies to Kashish about Rishi. Vasundhara finally discloses her heinous motives in front of Sujal and his mother. Mehek realizes that she is pregnant. Rishi answers Mehek's call in front of Kashish.

CJ senses cold vibes between Piyush and Sujal. Rishi tries to avoid Mehek. Out of shame, mehak commits suicide an varun takes her to the hospital where doctors r not taking her case as its a police case.

Kashish comes and varun tells her everything and then kashish tries to convice the doctor but she says sorry we cant do anything. CONTINUE The episode starts with Rishi dressed as an elderly MissBraganza. He goes into the girls hostel and passes his interview with the school principal who appoints him/her. The principal calls one of the nuns (whom that rishi eyes chee what a frustrated guy who does not have any respect for the nuns also) to take him on a tour of the college. During the tour he comes across Mouli who does not recognize him and he asks her where her room is. She says she will come to see her later and make her everything fine with Mouli. Aman and Rishi come out of the hostel and see P and Saniya across the road coming out of the meeting.

They duck and rishi tells aman why should I hide coz no one recognizes me. He goes to Saniya and tells her that your husband is very handsome. She says he is not her husband and he is married. Rishi provokes her to seduce P. Saniya and P go into the hotel and Saniya hands in her resignation to P who tells her to join in the celebration for the successful meeting.Rishi dressed as Ms Braganza goes in Mouli's room who does not recognize him.

He tells her that you are not missing your family but your love. I will tell you his name. His name starts with R and he also loves you a lot. Close your eyes and you will hear him. He says I love you in his voice. He says do you want to meet him.

And reveals himself. Mouli embraces him and cries (stupid girl she willrepent later). As Rishi is about to kiss her the door opens and the nun enters and says your dad has come to meet you. Rishi tells her to go and meet her dad.Prof Sinha tells Mouli why you are not eating. She says that she is missing the family so much but now I m ok. The principal is surprised to see the change in mouli and tell Prof sinha that maybe she has changed because piyush had come to see her in the morning. Sinha is happy and says to himself that he must thank Piyush.

P, Saniya and the delegates finish their dinner. Thedelegates leave and P and Saniya are alone on the table. P tells Saniya to have coffee and tells Saniya that she will get the work experience certificate for his company. He gets a call and he says he will be back.

When he goes ms. Braganza comes and tells saniya that aaj raat ko tum P ko apna bana lo. He puts some tablets in Ps glass and tells saniya to make P drink that. P comes back andfinishes his drink. Prof Sinha calls Ps hotel but he is not in the room so hesays he will personally go and meet him.P and Saniya are walking back to the room. Just when they reach P falls and Saniya says come into my room and drink some water. As P is sitting on the sofa he falls unconscious and rishi as ms.

Brigansa enters. He tells saniya I will tell you what to do. He carries P on the bed, ruffles his hair, removes his coat, unbuttons his shirt. He/she tells her that the effect of the tablet will wearoff in a few hours and when he wakes up who apni aankhon mein gir jayenge. He tells saniya to freshen up.Prof Sinha comes to the reception and asks for Ps roomnumber. Prof Sinha enters the lift to go to Ps room and P wakes up and finds himself somewhere else. Prof sinha knocks on Ps room and a hotel staff who is passisng from there tells him that the gentleman is not in his room, maybe he is in his associates room.

P is shocked to see Saniya coming out of the bathroom with wet hair and P asks Saniya what is this why don't you say something. The door bell ringsand saniya opens the door. Saniya is shocked to see Prof Sinha who is shocked see a shocked and disheveled Piyush. The episode begins with Sujal comign out from the party with kashishand Kanan.

Kashish as usual expected blasts Sujal. Sujal tries toconvince her. HE tries to make her understand the situation.

ButKashish (Brainless Bimbo suits her) refuses to believe. Sujal puts his hand on her shoulder. Kashish yells 'Don't touch me. Samaj kyaraka hai tumne mujhe. Tamashabanadiya mujhe duniya ke samne.Sujal says Kashish.Kashishsyas'Shut up.

Tumne aaj itne ghatiya harkath ki hai. You are disgusting'. Shesays sujal 'Tum insaan nahi patharho. Jo sirf dusaron ko taklif dena jaante ho.

Aaj piyush mere saathnahitho tum ne kya socha. Aaj jo bhi mere aur piyush ke beech problemshai,phirbhi main duniya ke samne mrs piyush raheja hoon' (Brainless imbo if ufeel u r Piyush Kashish Raheja why didnt u accept him as yet as yourhusband). 'Agar nafrath se badkar kuch hai tho tum uske layak hosujal'. She says if i knew these things would happen i would haveever ever come here.Kashish goes away.

Sujal is standing there. Archie comes there andaplogises to Sujal. She syas this has happened becoz of me.

I calledkashish for you. I am very sporry.

Sujal holds her hand. Arhcie isvery happy cos sujal touched her. ITs not urfault. 'Tumne Mujhe aur Kashish Ko Kareeb Lane ki Koshish Ki. Yeh toSirf Meri Kismat Hain.(Sorry frens if i dont get the correctwordings.

I apologise for that) Sujal goes away in his car. HereArchi gets a call from someone and that female tels her that Tanisha(the dancer who perfomed at the show) has met with an major accident.Someone had tampered with her car breaks. She is in hospital and isseriuosly injured. Archie thinks that i wil go and meet Tanisha.Actually it was arhcie who had tampeerd with the car brakes as shecoudnt not tolerate Tanisha gettign cosy with Sujal. (Really Archieis relaly physic.)Here Rishi (Dressed as Mrs Breganza) is with Prof Sinha. Rishi tellshim i knwo what ahs happend with your family.

He says where there isnot Vishwaas whats the point in continuing a relation. (Actually heis talking abt Piyush and Kashish). He says kashish ke samne to puriZindagi PAdi Hain. U should think abt her future.

Prof Sinha says nowi am not worried abt Mouli asince u r with her. (Prof Sinha!!!!!!!!he does not knwo the perosn to whom he is talkign is actually rishi).Prof Sinha says that he will now think abt Kashish.Here Archi asusual is talking to herself. She sees Sujals snaps theone with the horse race one. She sees Kahsish snaps in the paper andsays tum bahut achi ho. Tum mere kehne pe party mein aa gayin. Theshe drops water on kashish picture and breaks the glass.

Then shetalk to her doll and says Dekha Archie now sujal is trusting you. Youwill slowly start comign close to Sujal. (What Khayali Pulao she ismaking!!!!!!!!!!

Kaunse duniya mein hain yeh ladki. She definitelyneeds to consult a phsychatrist).Here Vasu tries to instigate Piyush and Lalith against Kashish. Shesays Kahsish hamare Khandhan ki Bahu Hain but still becoz of her wecant show our face to anybody. (Vasu i need to tell you that one dayPiyush will say these things abt you. That he cannot show his facecoz u r his mother.after all the things u have done). Piyush doesnot beleive.

The she shows the snaps of SUjal and kashish at theparty in the newspaper. Lalith and Piyush both r shcked. Vasu tellsHim that Kashish Loves Sujal a lot. They both sue to love each other.Piyush u married Kashish but she still loves Sujal. Vasu says thatshe did a wrong thing by getting Piyush and Kashish married. IT hasspoiled three lives.

Piyush throws the paer and goes away. Nautanki (Vasu) says 'Yeh Kya ho Rahan Hain Mere Bete KeSaath Whay does he have to suffer (Vasu he has to suffer coz he isyour son. Piyush was responsible for seperating Sujal and Kashish. Hehas made Sujal suffer a lot. Now it is Piyush turn. Now he willrealise how it feels.).Here Piyush is in his room. I cant understand Ekta mai is out ofstock of songs.

Why she ahd to play our fvourite (song which is meantonly for Sujal) for Piyush. I really cant understad.

Here Piyush saysi always loved u Kashish I married you after knwiign that u stilllove Sujal. (PB if u knew it then y did u come in between Kashish andSujal.

U r responsible for seperating the love birds. Tumhe Apne kiyeki sazaa mili hain. U deserve it piyush.).Here CJ tells to Lalit that u alwyas use to blame my son Sujal. Now usee what your daughter in law Kashish has done. It was Sujals partyand she was there.

U always blamed my son for that. Now tumhare bahune tumhara saar jhukaya Hain He says one common dialogue 'Jiske GharSheeshe Ke Hote Hian Woh Doosro Par Pathar Nahin Pheka Kartein Hain'.Here Kashish is at home sitting on her rocking chair. Sujal comes inand sees her.

Wow he is looking dan smat in black tshirt and creamishblazer. It was not exactly white.some creamish blazer i suppose.(frens correct me.)Kashish shouts at him.

She says Ab Kya Karne Aaye ho tum Yahan. Whatu wnated to do u ahve done. Tumne hamien kahin Muh Dhikahae KabilNahin Choda.Tumne hamein Zalil Kiya Duniya ke samne. Poor sujal;really my heart went out to him. Without any fault of his he isblamed.

Sujal says first listen to me. Kashish tells him to go away.Sujal says 'Main chala Jaoonga'. But first listen to me once. Iapologise for what happened yesterday night. He says 'kashish kalsham ko jo bhi hua uskeliye main tumhare kasurwar hoon. Par mujhelaga ke tum sab kuch jante ho is liye party mein aye thi. Yakeen manokashish, tumhare naam par company kholne ke peche mera mathlab tumhekisse bhi tarah ke taklef ya tumhe sharminda karna bilkul nahi tha.Aisa karna tho dur aise sochne se phele main.

(Poor Sujal heknows whatever he says Kashish will never listen to him.). Kashishsays 'Sujal, apni galthi par parda dalne ke koshish math karo sujal.Mazak bana diya hai tumne hamara.

Sujal says 'Main tumhare nafrath ko badal nahi sakta. Par itna zarurkahunga kum se kum Es baar mujhe galath math samjho. Tumhe merecompany ke naam pe ethraz hai na. Iwill change the name of thecompany.' HE further says' Kya hua agar tumhara ehsaas aur tumharanaam he mere zindagi hai, mere taquat hai, mere akhri pungi hai.' Iwill change the name.

What u wnat that thing will only happen.Sujal has tears in his eyes. Kashish also cries.

He turns to go away.He looks behind and stops and asks Kashish why r u crying. 'Kya mainakuch galat kahan hain' Kashish says i dont know what hashappened.mujhe kuch samajh mein nahin aa rahan hain. Sujal says iwill change the name.i told u na. He goes near her. He tries toconsole her. Kashish says ' U go away from here'.

Sujal goes nearKashish. Piyush comes there and sees both of them together. He sayssorry guys. 'AAj Mein Phir Se tum Dona Ke BEech AA Gaya'. (Good PB urealsied it now. Dher Aaye par durust aaye.this all has happendbecoz of you Piyush.If u ahd used ur brains ealrier and had letSUjal marry Kashish this time they woudl have remained happy. Piyushu r the casue of problem between Kashish and Sujal).

Piyush says toKashish i will not take your time. I just came to give you divorcepaper.

Sujal and Kashish are shocked. Piyush says last time u made achoice between me and sujal and married me. Now i want you to livethe life of our own.

I will not come in between. He gives thedivorce apers and goes. Kashish is shokced. Even Sujal issad for her. Even he has tears in his eyes. Kashish Says Piyush neSania ke liye mujhe divorce diya.She sits beside the chair and cries.Sujal is also helpless seeign her cry.25 th april The Episode started with piyush driving back home.

He isremembering kashish and all that happened. Kashish is at her houseand she too is thinking the same,sujal is standing near a lake andremebering all that happened. Basically all of them are thinking thesame in flashbacks.Sujal is at the lake. Then Kashish picks up the divorce papers andstarts walking. (it was the same as earlier when she went to askpiyush to marry her) she comes to Sujal. His back is faced towardsher.Kashish: sujal.( he turns in shock. His hair flying coz of thewind.) kardiya na mujhe piyush se door.

Milgaya tumhare dil ko chain? Hogaye na apne maksath mein kamiyab. Yahan kyun kade ho, jakar jashn manao. Divorce manga hai piyush ne mujhse.(flashes the papers at him) jis piyush ko maine apna manzil mana tha aaj woh mujhe beech raste mein akela chodke jana chatha hai.

Tumhare vaje se. Sirf tumhare vaje se.Sujal: mere vaje se? Kashish, tumhe ne kaha tha na tumhara aur piyush ka rista faulath ke tarah masbuth hai, tho us riste ka kya hua? Aur aaj en chand kagaz ke vaje se tumhara rista thut gaya?jawab dokashish. Tum aur piyush atoot vishvas ke kade mein bande the na, thoaaj us vishwas mein sujal ka wish ka vas kaise hogaya? Koi hak nahibanta yeh kehne ka ke tumhara rista mere vaje se thoota hai. Agartumhara rista thoota hai tho woh sirf tumhare vaje se.(he points hisfinger towards her while he says that.) kyunki piyush tumhari pasandkabhi tha hi nahi.

Woh sirf ek samjotha tha. Aaj ek rista nahi eksamjotha thoota hai. Aaj tak mujhe lagtha tha kashish ke piyushzimedar hai humare alag hone ka, lekin aaj yeh ehsaas hua ke hum alag isliye hua kyunki humne hamesha ek dusare ko pane ke kosish ki hai. Kabhi samaj ne ke kosish kiya hi nahi. Yakeen karo kashish agarpiyush nahi hota tho koi aur hota. Kyunki humare ek dusare ko nasamaj ke kamzori ka fayda koi bhi utha sakta hai.

Aaj tum en chandkagaz ke thukdo ko lekar aye ho mere pass?(he snatchs the divorcepapers and throws it.) lekin zara socho kashish. Socho ki main dilmein apne he dil ke thukde lekra firta hoon.un thukdo ko main kissedikhaon?

Kisse jakar apne dil ka hal sunahon main? Kisse?Kashish: SHADI KAROGE MUJHSE ( he turns towards her in surprise) sahi kaha tumne. Aaj ek rista nahi ek samjotha thuda hai.

Sach tho yeh hai ke main tumhe kabhi bula he nahi saki. Jo apne pyar ke kasamon ko na bula sake, woh shadi ke vachan kaise niba saktha hai. Main sharminda hoon kudh se, par pyar karte hoon main tumse. I hate myself but I cant stop loving you.( she is crying. Sujal to is sad to see her cry. He turns her towards himself and hugs her.)Sujal: humara adura pyar zaroor pura hoga kashish.

Zarur pura hoga (u two will only marry)And then the stone falls from Sujal's hand which shows that he was dreaming as usual. All that we saw was just a dream. I wish he hadsaid all that in reality instead of the dream. But I just hope thatthey don't tear those divorce papers even in dreamsIn Bangalore Rishi is drunk. He is sleeping coz of hangover.The principak is worried about ms briganza not coming to college.

Sothe principal along with students comes to check on her. They knockon the door but there is no response. So they go in. Some of thegirls find beer bottles there. They then realise that she is in thebathroom so they knock on the bathroom door. Rishi answers frominside, tells them everything is fine.

And asks them to leave as shehas to get ready. After that he comes to college and then one girl tell that we found ur truth then rishi says which truth we saw beer bottle in ur room then rishi says ya that doctor told me to drink beer bcoz he has stones in his stomach and flirts with thegirls. He promises to give them a party where they coulddrink and dance. And then on seeing mouli he says that theyshouldn't tell her. And also says I hate her. And then he goes tomouli and flirts with her too.Lalith is wild with piyush coz he took such a huge step in a hurry.Vasu justifies the step and tells him that if piyush stretches thisrelationship he is going to be hurt. So it is better to put an end tothis.

She also suggests that it is better for his and CG'sfriendship to split ways. Lalith is considering the option.(this stupid ladyy so naughty)Piyush is in his room. Feeling very sad. Varun comes there. (I don'tremember the exact words ) Varun: aaj phele par ap rista thod rahe hain na?Piyush: aise rista jis mein koi mayene nahi hai, use nibane ka kyafyada. Piyush is crying.

Varun: un aankhon mein bhabhi basthi hai bhaiya usne assubankarnekalne math dijiye.Piyush: shadi ke badh ek bar bhi us ek sache muskan na desaka, wohto assu bankar behegi na? Shayad galthi mere aankhon ke he hai jokisse aur ke sapne ko apna bana chaha.Varun: par apne un sapno ko apne jiya hai.Piyush:. Shayad isko pyar kehte hain.

(sorry missed it)Varun: saab pyar karne wale aisa kyun hote hai.Piyush: pata nahi par hum tho aise hi hain. (they hug each other andcry.) and then the episode ends.

The epi start with kashish's house to hand over a notice and says that the house will be auctioned if they do not repay the amount borrowed by prof. The amount is 5 lakhs. The daughters are shocked that their father never told them about such a big debt. They also say that for this reason their father has joined college back. They decide to do something before their father comes.Ms briganza and the girls are abt to go out when mouli enters and calls out to Rishi. She doesn't knowthat the girls are watching her. Rishi then pacifies her and tells her that the girls are watching them.

Ms briganza manages to sneak out with the girls and go to a disco. Ms briganza then disappears and appears as Hawa Hawai. Anddances the entire song. The girls then go back to the hostel where they find the gate is locked.

With ms briganza's help they enter the the hostel with out being caught.Lalith tells cg that it is the best interest of everyone in the family they should go separate ways. He says it shouldn't happen that one son's sadness becomes the other one's happiness.(Who the hell asked Piyush to get married to Kashish.its his fault) He said 'tumhara beta aur meri bahu ek hi kashti mein savar hain,' cg agreed to this and said 'shayad humara sath sirf yahan tak tha.' Rishi is sitting with some of the college girls. He asks them to pick out chits in which there are names of actresses as he is confused about who is going to win the best actress screen award. He says that he will not miss it, he is going to watch it. So the girls ask him to take them with him.

He says fine, but first he needs a kiss. After which he says he is watching it on tv at home and anyone can join him.The sisters are worried, but kashish is scanning the paper for an job. When she finds one - Real estate agency.

Kashish tells them that in case they can manage a big deal where crores of rupees are involved, they may get 5 lakhs as the commission. They decide to give it a try even though it is a male dominated arena. They land up atthe office. The boss tells them to leave as they prefer to employee male candidates for the job.

Kashish then asks why wasn't that mentioned in the ad. He says that women can't do this job. Kashish says if u don't want to give us the job, its fine. But don't underestimate women at large. The boss is impressed calls her to the conference room.he says how come all of them came together. She says they are together and would like to work together. He tellsthem that it will be difficult to handle clients to which kashish said they can manage.

He gives them the job.!!! They come out and pray to god.then the episode ends. The Serials starts with Kahish and her sisters goign through the files.They all r very busy i their work.Finally Kashish says that they have gone through the entire simla's properties and have found that there are around 40 properties with around 20 prospective buyers. These properties costs between 15 lakhs to 5 crores.

She tells them if we get these buyers we can easily get Rs.5 lakhs. The get ready for their work.They pray to god and take blesigns from their mom.Here Piyush is sitting in his room. As usual dejected.(he does not have any expressiosn on his face.i dunno why ekta mai selected him for the role sorry for this news). His mom Vasu comes to meet him. She tells him that she knows it is difficult to let go of someone you love. There is no use maintaining relationship which does not have a future.

She tells if kashish can stay without him then he also has the right to remain happy. Piyush replies 'kashish is the happiness ofhis life'. She thought me to love.but she did not teach me how to live without her.Vasu tells him that he should be cherful atleast for their sake. Sujal is sitting in the living room.

He looks cute in dark navy blue tshirt.looking good as usual.He recollects the memories which he had shared with his family and piyush family in the house.He goes through the family album, where he finds a lot of sweet memories between him and Piyush.He remembers what gr8 time they use to have together when they were together. He goes throught hesnaps.He also remebrs the incident whereboth of thme, when they weer young fought for a vase and then it falls down.laterboth of them stick the vase together.He gets a smile on his face.he sees the vase.Just then Piysh comes and he says'Tum Es ghar se jaana nahi chahte na? Math jao, main jaunga.

Wasie bhi es ghar mein mere liye kadvi yaadon ke siva aur kuchNahin hain'. SUjal syas 'Tum mujhe kabhi samaj he nahi paye. Bheek na tho mein phele letha tha na ab letha hoon. Rahe bathyaadon ke tho tum use sambal ke rakna. Kadvi hi sahi wohi tumhare saath rahene wale hain,kyunki baki sab mein le jarahan hoon. Kashish ko bhi.' Suhjal hats off to you.Thats the spirit.i relaly liek the confidence in you.the way u said the dialogues.) Sujal goes away.

Kashish and her sisters are on the job of convivncing prospective buyers to buy the properties.They finally get a buyer.but he says that he will give only 1% commission.Kashish is hesitant.Later she agrees for 1% coimmission.Later when the buyer goes Kashish sisters aks her why did she accept only 1% commission.As it will not help their problem.But Kashish says somethign is better than noting. Kashish says that now form tomorow onwards they will all dealseperately.She sys that se thinks in this way they will make more deals.They all agree.Here kashish trieds to make a deal but is unsuccessful.She thinks that may be her sis have dint any deal.Here her sisters are waiitng for her.they say thta thye have not got any good deal today.they all hope kashsih will get a deal as she is smart an dintelligent.(if she was smart and intelligent she would not have married Piyush!!!!!!!). Kashish thinks that she will tlel her sis that she got a dal otherwise they will feel very sad.She syas 'Yeh log muhse umee lagake baithe hain'. I can never disppointthem.She tells her sis that she got a deal.She tells them the she ahs to go to office.

Here in office she coes and report that she did not get a deal.The CEO fo the copany says dotn worry next time u willd efintioe,ly get it.keep trying.he say s to an employee that a big client is going to coem to see the hil top bungalow.Kashish hears this and says that seh wil akke the deal.The CEO says he is a very impo client so he cnats endher.But she tries to ocnvivnce him.later the ceo agrees.he tels he tthat be careful.He is a veyr imp client.Just then a car comes. And lo!!!Our hero in glares inblack suit comes.WOW he looks smashing.no wordsa to describe!!!!!!!!!!Kashish is shocked to see him so is Sujalsurprised to see Kashish.The CEO says he is the client whih i w as talking.The ceo is ruprised to see that they both knoweach toher.he introduces that he is Sujal Garewal and She is Kashish - sales executive.Sujal and kashish reach the house. Kashish says 'Yeh raha aapke ghar'. Sujal is actually shocked to see Kahsish as a sales executive so he says 'Tumhe yeh saab karne ke kya zarurath pad gaye?'

Kashish says 'Tumhe ghar lene ke kya zaroorat pad gaye?' Sujal says Jis ghar mein main rahetha hoon kashish woh do doston ke pyar se bana tha, aur aaj do doston ke pyar ke waje se he thoot gaya' Yes Sujal u r absolutely right).

'Sab kuch badal gaya. Zindagi waise nahi rahe, dosti wasie nahi rahe, business waisa nahi raha.Pyaar waisa nahi raha. Woh bhi ab apna nahi raha. Chod rahan hoon main use. Haan kashish jo dost kabhi ek dusare ke dil mein raha karthe the aaj ek dusare ke samne nahi rah sakte'. Sujal and Kashish enters the house.

Kashish shows him around the house. He is just looking at her with tars in his eyes.He remebrs the day when they were both together and when thyendecide how they will build teir house.WOW it was a romanctic epsiode.the scene was too good. Kashish shows him the living and dinning room, Stairs and terrace. Sujal remembers the moment which they shared together.Kashish screaming Sujal.sujal.sujal kitne khooubsurat jagah hai na yeh'.

Sujal says 'Agar tum kaho tho sare zindagi yahen rahe jayen'. Kashis says 'Yun hi? Bina koi ghar ke, kule aasman ke niche?' SUjla says 'Yahan ghar banaenge tho aasman juk jaye ga. Yeh mitti ke kusboo ko jayega.

Aur yeh hawa (he comes near her,blows at her face. She smiles) zulfo ko tumhare kubsurath chehre pe kaisa bekerenge'. Kashish says'Nahi sujal. Hum aise ghar banayenge,jahan duniya keliye tho dewarein honge par kudrath ke liye nahin'.

'Humare bed room ke kidki se suraj apnedin ke shuru wad karega. Kidkiyaan itne unchi honge jahan se aasmanjuka hua dekhaye dega.

Humara aangan rang bhi rangi phoolon se saja hoga. Aur hawa bina koi dastak kiye andhar ajayege. Aisa hoga humara ghar'.

They both look into each other eyes.Here Sujal comes out from his flashback and turns to call kashish but he stops.he ahs tears in his eyes.really my heart wen tout to Sujal.Kashish asks 'kya apko kuch aur jana hai' Sujalsays' kya es ghar ke bedroom se suraj ugtha hua nazar atha hai?' .Kashish recollects the moment when they were togethe rand when he had said these things.Kashish says 'Yahan aisa kuch nahi hai'.

Sujalsays 'Mujhe kidkiyan itne unche chaheye jahan se asman juktha hua nazar aye.' Kashish says: 'Sorry sir'.Sujal says' anghan aisa ho'Kashish interrupts him and says 'lagtha hai apko yeh ghar pasand nahi aya'. Sujalsays 'exactly.main jiske pasand ko dyan mein rakar ye ghar lena chahtha hoon, yeh ghar bilkul bhi waisa nahi hai'. Kashish says' Aap jis tarah ka ghar chahte hain, waisa ghar milna muskil hai'. Sujal says' Mushkil hai, namumkin tho nahi'.

(yues u r right Sujal). Kashish goesKashish goes to mee tht eperson who is gonna auction her house if they dont pay Rs.5,00,000. She gives him a cheque of Rs.

2 lakhs.But that perosn flatly refusse.he says he will not compromise in any matter. He says that if u dont pay Rs.5,00,000 tyill tom afternoon then i will auciton ur hosue.Kashish pleads but to no avail.the perosn goes away.kashish is helpless The serial ends here. Kanan, Charu and Mehek are waiting in the house with a cake to celebrate that Di has done such a big job. K comes in wiz a dejected face.

They tell her to cut the cake she breaks down and tells that she failed, she could not arrange the money. K tells them that she had lied about the deal coz she cud not break their heart.

They console each other. K's phone rings and the realestate company owner calls to say that there is a good news for her. One of deal has been finalized and the client Mrs. Khubchandani has even given the token money. K requests him to pay her commission inadvance as she needs the money. He says ok u come in the morning and collect the cheque.

She tells the other sisters that money has been arranged and now nobody will auction her house. All the budhdhis are sitting playing cards. Vasu is there also. Strangely vasu's other witch kunika or kanika whatever her name is not there. One budhdhi tells that the next kittie party will be in my new bunglow. I bought a bunglow and the commission agent is very nice, she gave me a good deal.

Another budhdhis says give me her name and tel nbr I also need to buy a new farm house.The first lady removes a card from her purse and says her name is Kashish Sinha. Vasu hears this and god knows what her expression was. I think she wants to be in the same villaneous league she is so sick by mean stupid lady i hate he all the sisters are very happy and are coming out of the house.

The person whom they owe money meets them outside and one of the sisters says that now their house will not be auctioned, u will get your money by 2 pm.they go to the office and meet the manager and tell him that they have come to collect their cheque. The manager says the cheque is not there. The owner comes and says that the client has cancelled the deal. They are very disappointed and k tells them she will talkto mrs.

Khubchandani and goes she goes to mrs. Khubchandani house. The servant makes her sit as mrs. Khubchandani is busy in a metting. K is restles and walks up and down the hall. As she is walking she passes an open door and overhears mrs.

Khubchandani and vasu talking that becoz ofvasu she let go of the deal. Vasu says that I will get u a good bunglow very cheaply. Vasu comes out and finds K.K tells her why did u do this mummyji.

The bitch tells that now u r married in a rich family and u r our bahu. Parivar ki izzat ka khayal nahin. K tells that I have not forgotten that but I have also not forgotten that meri yaadein us ghar se judi hui hain.

Aaj bhi main us ghar kibeti hoon jo ab auction hone wala hain, jahan main pali bahdhi. Vasu tells her u cud have taken the money from me. K says that I have my self respect. She says that Piyush knew that I m not from a rich family but of a chote ghar ki beti.

Vasu says now u r a bade ghar kibahu, whatever u want to do for your parivar but not when u r apart of our family. If you want to do something for them then become a daughter of that house and for that you have to divorce my son.Vasu comes and tells P that K is working as a real estate agent. She is ruining our familys reputation. Now u know na middle class people. When I wanted to help prof sinha he refused now that his daughter is working abhi naak nahi kat rahihain. They will do anything for money. P defends K and says that for K her self respectis everything for her.

Windows Xp Professional 2002 Sp3 Activation Key there. If she is working then she has a problem and she must be in trouble. Now she needs help and I m going to help her. Vasu tries to stop him, but he walks away.

Many pelple are present in the house for the auction.Kanan, Charu and Mehek are there. P comes and tells them the sisters that so much happened and no one bothered to inform me. He asks for K and they tell him that she has gone to arrange the money. He tries to go to the auctioneer to settle the money but they stop himsaying that Di will not accept u helping us.

Di will never like us taking money from anybody, either u or sujal. And in walks our hero and his signature tune in the backgroun, wow. P turns and they both stare at each other.the auction starts and people are bidding.

The 3 sisters, piyush and sujal watch the proceedings. The phone rings, kanan answeres it. She is speaking to someone and then goes to tell the sisters what she spoke. Sujal and Piyush also listen to what she is saying. Then P bids for 18 lakhs., and then apna hero kya peecherahega (never)?

He steps forward and bids for 20 lakhs. P stares at him and our hero stares back at him episode ends. CONTINUE S and P keep bidding. K enters and says bas kijiye. She gives those killing stares to both S and P.

This house will not be auctioned. She tells the other people that why have u come here.

Till these two are here u will not get a chance to bid. She goes and hands over the cheque of 2 lakhs and 3 lakhs cash to the man whom they owe money and says this is your money now u can leave from here. She looks at the two and tells them to go. She says u were not bidding for the house but for Kashish. This house nor Kashish are for sale. I can take care of my house till I m alive.

Both of them leave. She tells the sisters that now no one can make them leave the house. Mehek says that both of them knew that u will not take help from them that's why they were quiet during the bidding.Kanan says that when u told us over the phone that u have arranged the money it was not possible to stop the bidding. So the sisters told S and P to keep bidding so that she could reach home and pay off the man. Did they do any wrong? They tell her that u misunderstood them. They forgot their differences and helped u as one.

Mehek comes out and thanks both of them. P says that I knew she will not take help from me. I did what I could to help stop the auction without thinking that to kashish ki madad ke liye maine iskia saath diya hinting at Sujal. Sujal says – exactly, I also did the same par jab main kisika haath pakadta hoon to use kabhi nahi chodta waqt chahe koi bhi ho, jagah chahe koi bhi ho. As they both go to their cars K comes and calls out to both of them.

Stec 55 Autopilot Installation Manual. She tells P that our relationship was on vishwas but that broke off, but today u helped me inspite of all that.. P says u r thanking for helping you. Is it possible if can become like b4.

K says jab waqt sahih that tab hum galat the, aur jab hum sahih hain tab waqt galat tha. P gets into his car and drives away.

She tells Sujal i want to say the same thing to you what I told P. To save my swabhimaan mainetum dono ke swabhiman ko thes pahuchayi. Both of u did not say anything even after helping me.

S says there is a khamoshi ka rishta between you and me. Isliye hum jab bhi ek doosre se milte hain hamari baaton ka galat matlab nikalta hain. Jaise abhi tum muje shukriya ada karne ke liye thanks kahogi aur main samjhoonga ki tum hamare beech ki dooriya ko aur badhana chahti ho, lekin main un dooriyon ko kam to nahin kar sakta par badhne nahi dena chahta hoon.Thanks parayon se kaha jaata hain apno se nahi. He gets into his car and drives off. K is standing there alone.

Wow wt a romantic dialogue said by sujal to kashish the sisters are wondering how Di arranged the money. Mehek says Di sold off her jewellery.

Di has proved again that she will do anything for us and the house. We have to be with Di. They all go to K. The sisters come to her side and console her. Mehek says wht u did for us today none of wud have been able to do. K tries to stand and she faints. She has fever.

Sujal is sitting in his room trying to work on his laptop.His mom enters. He asks mom if she wants to say anything. She says I don't want to say anything, maybe u want to say something.

He says I have a lot of work. Mom says jab dil par bojh hota hain na tab dimagh bhi kaam nahin karta. He says wht r u talking I have a lot of work.

She says even if you don't say anything I know wht u rgoing thru. U have loved two people and unhi logon se tum apne dil ki baat chupa rahe ho. Mom says u will get all your khushiyan. Har chahat poori hogi. He says will k and me become one, we love each ther so much.

Mom says don't be na samajh for one person zindagi aav par nahi lagate. K has gone very far away from you, us faasleko mitane ke liye shayad zindagi choti padegi. Kashish ko bhool jaao K is sleeping on the bed. Doc says that she has to beadmitted in the hospital as she has jaundice. Sujal tells Archie I m ok tum kyon baar baar mujhse ek hisawal kar ke mujhe parashan kiye ja rahi ho. Archie says I m sorry.I was just asking.

Waise sujal kashish to theek hain na. I mean herfamily. Someone told me that her family was in some problems. Hesays they are all ok. She asks kashish ke bartaav se tumhe kya lagtahain, ki usne tumhe maaf kar diya. He says enough is enough I don'twant to talk about Kashish and now leave me alone and he walks away.Piyush is sitting in his bedroom. Varun comes and tells himthat u have to talk to K bhabhi.

I know u love her a lot. You haveto prove your innocence. P says how do I do it. Varun says thatyou have to prove before Kashish tries to break all ties for thatmisundertansing, b4 galat fehmi ka paudha bada ho. He goes away. Psays to himself who will help me to prove my innocence. Kaun Wahi jisne mujhe gunehgaar sabit kiya hain -Saniya.sujal says to kashish.

The first scene shows Piyush visting Saniya in hopes of getting thetruth out of her. She greets him with little surprise. Piyush seemsimpatient and tells her that he's come to realize his feelings forher and that he wants her. He hugs Saniya.

But saniya seemsuncomfortable and expresses her concern over getting involved with amarried man. Piyush tells her he'll get a divorce anyway Saniya is nofool, she knows all of these is Piyush's trick and the supposedlyshow up off feelings is false.

She asks Piyush to leave because itslate night, Piyush wrongly thinks he has outsmarted her, then hegoes home.Archie deeply contemplating Sujal in her unusual manner of talking toher agony dolls. She seems grieved over her recent interaction withSujal and the way things are turning up for her. Holding one doll inhand which personifies her she asks her why the person she is soobsessed about behaves that way to her, ignores her – ' Kyon Archie?Kyon karta hai Sujal tumhare saath aisa? Tumne hi toh koi galatinahin kiya na?'

But this time she is pretty sure she had handled the situation welland wanted to help Sujal or made him believe so. So lastly Archieconcludes its all because of Kashish. She is the only personresponsible both for Sujal's present sorrow and his refusal to acceptarchie in his life.

Seething in anger she curses Kashish and wonderswhat she can do to make her disappear from Sujal's lifeat thisparticular time a knife catches her eye kept with fruits nearby. Shecuts her wrist with that and calls Sujal's cell.The cell phone rings and Sujal picks up the phone. He's dressed inthe multicolored shirt of green with light florescent shades ofviolet thereas usual looking handsome and desirable.he gets Archieon the other end who breaks him the news. Sujal is stunned andrushes to hospital to meet archieS- tum thik toh ho?A- Ab tum agaye ho. Sab thik hojayega.S- yeh sab karneki kya jarrorat thi archie?A- aur kya karti mein sujal, bahat depressed hogayi thi, mujhedar lagta hai akela pan se.S- yeh kya pagal pan hai archie?

He goes near her stands and saysmere rahte tum akeli kaise huiaur tumhe kuchh hojata toh? Aisa kuchhkabhi dubara nahin karna.A- I'm sorry sujal. Age aisa kuchh nahin karungiSujal strokes her head and says that's like a good girl.

Kashish isvery happy.Now the doctor comes and informs sujal that Achie will be all right.He handles him some prescription drugs list. Sujal leaves Aarchie andgoes to get them.Kashish is hospitalized and still unconscious; the Sinha sisterswaiting wearily outside her roomsujal passing to get the medicinesfor Archie when he happens to see them there. Sujal approaches thegirls and asks them what the matter is and is informed about his loveKashish's illness.

He rushes to meet her, all other concernsincluding Archie forgotten in the intensity of the moment. Beforegoing to see Kashish he handles some wardboy or peon the list ofmedication and asks him to get it for Archie.Upon entering the room he stares at a pale and very fragile lookingKashish lying unconscious in front of his eyes, the one whom he lovedmore than his life was before him without being aware of hispresence. All the physical and emotional stress has taken its toll onher. The devoted, broken hearted lover eyes her sadly, very sadly.Slowly he comes to stand close to her and was about to place his handon her forehead but stops himself shortsomething stops him, checkshim.

He just goes to sit at a chair nearby and watches her Withthose speaking eyes as if he's dreaming, stares that tell us howmuch the sleeping lady means to him.Now Mehek, Kanan and Charu enter the room the doctor informs all of them that Kashish,thankfully, has no jaundice and that she'll be all right in time. Sujal consoles the girls and asks them to leave forhome in his car, his driver can drop them, since its getting too lateand almost midnight. It all begins from Archie; she is again having one of her intensive jealousy fits. To her collection of ghastly dolls is now added a new member – her greatest hatred and Sujal's greatest love Kashish Sinha, the enigmatic lady. Archie talks to her – ' Maine tumse kahatha naKashish ke mere rashte mein mat aoodoor raho mere Sujal selekin nahintum baar baar mere rashte mein deewar bankar khadi ho jaati ho.'

She pulls out one of the doll's hands, then the other, then go the legs, another jolt and off comes the headkashish is mutilated and dead, but what's Archies's fault – Kashish is the one who forces her anyway-'sorry kashish par mein aur kya karti'so goes the insane explanations of a insane mindMorning is approaching after that strange night which brought Sujal and Kashish together. Sujal is still seated on the same chair, Mehek alongside and Kashish still lying close-eyed, this time apparently asleep, not unconscious. The doctor enters, Sujal and he had a talkand the young man informs him that Kashish was in front of his eyes all night, he has seen to the her and she's all right hopefully. After checking, the doctor comes to know she has actually improved and confides in Sujal regarding her well being, Sujal, with greatsincerity decides and declares that he'll nurture and serve Kashish as one nurtures his own life or his most precious jewel. He goes out to prepare for Kashish's home-arrival since the doctor has given the green signal for her discharge Kashish, at last opens her tired eyes and catches a glimpse of Sujal leaving her room, she was informed by Mehek about her sudden weakness and passing out as a result. But all the lady wants to know is why Sujal was therebut she didn't appear cross, just anxious andcurious. Vasu sees Sujal and then tells lalith that they have come at the wrong time.

She says that they had come to talk to kashish and take her back home, but looks like kashish doesn't want that. Coz she has somebody in her life to take care of her who has already started taking care of her. They leave staring at Sujal (I found this situation very funny.don't know why) Sujal keeps the fruits on the table and leaves.Kashish's sisters are angry with vasu because of the way she talks about Sujal, after all sujal was just trying to help them out. (very good girls) Mehak tells them that kashish should not know anything about what has happened. Piyush returns home when he gets a call from someone.

It his and Sujal's friend pratham. Piyush asks him why he has kept no contact with them. Pratham says he has come back and wants to meet them like the way they used to meet earlier. He tells Piyush to inform Sujal. Sujal is in his room working on his laptop. Piyush knocks at the door and. Piyush says, 'pratham vapas agaya hai.'

Sujal is very happy and says 'kab? Piyush says that pratham wants to meet them both together.Sujal says, 'par jab dosti waise nahi rahe, jab saath waisa nahi raha tho kaise milsakthe hai phele ke tarah? Main pratham se milunga, par akele mein.' Piyush says, 'jaise tumhare marzi. Lekin mujhe lagtha hai woh kisse musibath main hai, aur use apne doston ke zarurath hai.

Bake tum jano.' Sujal says, 'piyush, tumhe is bath ka ehsaas kabse hone laga ke doston ko doston ke zarurath padthe hai?' (right said my friend)Piyushsays, 'yeh sawal tum mujhse nahi apne ap se pucho. Yeh ehsaas mujhe shuru se hai,lekin shayad tumhe abhi tak nahi hua.' (where did that ehsaas go when Sujal and Kashish were in trouble and Piyush was the main cause of it.)Sujalsays, 'agar tumhe ehsaas hota tho tum dosti nibathe, nake apne zarurath ko apne dosti se zyada ehimiyat dethe.' Piyush says, 'yeh nasiyath tum mujhe nahi apne ap ko do.

Jissne apne dosti se kahin badkar apne chahat aur zarurath ko ehimiyat de.' (why can't he just shut his mouth.I sick of hearing Piyush justify himself.)Sujal syas, 'theek kaha ke maine apne dosti se kahin badkar apne chahat aur zarurath ko ehimiyat de. Kam se kam maine dosti ka stamal tho nahi kiya. Kisse ko pane ke chahat aur kisse ko pane ke lalaj mein bahutfark hota hai.

Aur yeh fark tum bule ho. Sujal walks out of his room.Piyush turns up in his formal suit (looks like he didn't realise that there is a difference between meeting a friend and attending a meeting) He sees a red car (nice car) sujal is wearing casuals, leather jacket, jeans and white t shirt.

Sujal has already arrived and is standing and smoking. ( I didn't like seeing him smoke.no doubt in earlier episodes he did smoke but here it wasn't required) sujal tells piyush that he will go with him just for pratham's sake and nothing else. They leave in sujal's car. (I must say I loved that car) They arrive and see pratham standing at the edge of a hill (i think so) with his back facing towards them. He is drinking.Sujal and piyush together said 'jab tak hum teen rahe saath '(they stare at each other)Pratham turns (hiten tejwani) 'fikar ke koi bath nahi.All three are smiling, and hug each other.Pratham says, 'sach yaar sirf dosti ek rista hai jo hamesha saath rahenga. Hai ke nahi?' Both say yes.Sorry I just missed some dialogues in between.Sujal says, 'tum bilkul nahi badle na.'

Pratham says, 'haan main tho waise he hoon par lagtha hai piyush shaddi ke badh badal gaya. Piyush bhabhi kaise hain?kahan hai?' Piyush says, 'haan woh ache hain'Pratham says, 'hain kahan? Aaye kyun nahi tumhare saath?' Piyush says, 'woh main office se directly yahan agaya na.' Pratham says, 'koi bath nahi.ab main simla agaya hoon tho unse zaroor milunga.' Pratham says, 'tu apne girl friend ke bare mein batha raha tha.

Kya hua,kaisi hai?' Sujal says, 'mere koi girl friend nahi hai.' Pratham says, 'par tu tho kehraha tha ke tume pyar hogaya hai.' (Arre yaar Sujal ki girl friend Piyush ki biwi hai to bechara kya karega)Sujal says, 'pyar tho aaj bhi kartha hoon main use, lekin shayad kabhi pana sakunga.' Pratham says, 'I am sorry yaar. Anyway piyush bhabi kaise hain? Kubsurath tho hai na?Piyush: 'yaar tu bhi kaise bath puch raha hai.'

(doosre ki girl friend ko apni biwi jo ban li to woh khoobsurat to honi hi chahiye)Pratham says, 'mujhe pata tha tu nahi batayega. Sujal tho batha bhabhi kaise hai.' (arre yaar tu nahin janta woh sujal ki girl friend he to woh uski bhabhi kaise ho sakti he)Sujal says, 'bahut kubsurath, bahut ache.' (arre woh to meri girl friend hai na)Pratham syas, 'bas bas bhabi ke tariff math kar dekh gussa kar raha hai. (Piyush kyon gussa karega??????)acha laga tum logon se milkar.Sujal syas, 'par tu badal gaya hai.

Kyun tere muskurahat mein udasi ke chalak nazar athe hai?' Pratham says, 'sach kaha hai kissne, doston se kuch chupaya nahi jasakthea.' He tells them that in college when he used to flirt with all the girls Sujal and piyush had told him that oneday he will fall in love with someone and that is what has happened.

He fell in love with a girl but then couldn't get her.The girl is getting ready someone is helping her.she is anu from Kutumb. She turns around andasks the another person how she looks.

The other person turns out to be kashish. Kashish is anu's friend.Pratham continues to say that they still love each other but things didn't go their way. Now she is in simla and is getting married. Sujal asks him that if the girl loves him then why is she marrying someone else? Basically I feel that showing Pratham and Anu in a similar situation ekta wants us to know how all the three of them will react. (Anu and pratham love each other. Pratham is sujal and piyush's friend.

Anu is kashish's friend.Sujal and piyush love kashish.)Kashish has the feeling that anu isn't happy withthe marriage. Anu accepts it, says that she is getting married coz her father wants her to. She is confused if what she doing is right. So then kashish opens her big mouth and starts giving a lecture to anu that she would not stand by her decision that she has made, coz 'pyar tho pagalpan ke tarah sar chadke bolega.'

She continues to say that lifecant go on like that coz you need apsi samaj aur deeraj!!! Diya aur bathi ke tarah. Jo kudh jalkar dusaroon ko roshni dethe hai.(if pyar was pagalpan then why did kashish fall in love with Sujal in the first place.) anu says it is difficult to be pretend to be happy when you can't feel it.(ur right babes) So kashish says that happiness lies in the happiness of family. (idiot if u are not happy then how the hell will your family be happy.looks like you have sold your brains for 25 paise)Pratham asks sujal and piyush to tell him what to do coz both are his friends.Sujal tells we will talk about it but right now lets go. Pratham goes and sits in the car his bag is outside both sujal and piyush go to pick it up and fight again.Sujal says, 'meri nazaar jiss par padthi hai tum use pane kih zidd kar bet the ho.Piyush says, 'main jisse pana chahta hoon uspar tumhare nazaar pad hi jathe hai.' (I feel like slapping Piyush.has he forgotten that he started liking kashish only after he got that damn letter.and not before that)They are in the carSujal syas, 'pyar karte ho na tum, tho use roklo.

Tum kisse use apne kushion ko chena ka hak desakthe ho?Piyush says,'kya tum aise ladke ke saath kush rah paogey jo apne parivar ke dukh ka karan ho? (Tune kashish ko konse sukh diye hai)Sujalsays, 'kya apne parivar ke kushi keliye kurbani dekar kya woh kush rahe payegi? Kya woh ek aise insaan ke saath kush rahe payege jisse woh pyar nahi karte?

Main tho kehta hoon tumhe jo bhi karnahoga abhi karna hoga. Kyunki ek pal mein pure duniya badal jathi hai. Jao roklo use. (right said)Pratham says, 'nahi sujal. Ab bahut dheer ho chuki hai, aaj uske sagaye hai, kal shadi.'

(arre do din me bahut kuch ho sakta hai)Sujal says, 'pyar mein kabhi dheer nahi hote pratham. Tumhe 3 zindagion ko bachana hoga. Main chaltha hoontumhare saath.

(Glances at piyush)aur koi ho na ho. Pyar ke es jung mein sujal garewal tumhara saath hai.That's the end of the episode.

The episode begis with Sujal, Piyush and Pratham in the car where Sujal says to Pratham that i am with you.I will help u to get back your love. Here Piyush says he has to go out of station for some business work. He apologizes to pratham that he will not be there but he hopes to see him with his happiness when he comes back(COWARD!!!! This Piyush is really a coward. He always talks abt friendship.But when his friend is in need of help he goes to business trip.Sujal tells pratham that he shoudl not give up and uggest that we both of us will go to Anus palce.

Anus father convinces anu that she is has taken the right decision. He tells her that she will be happy with Amarjeet.At that tiem Kashish also remembers what her father had told her.That Piyush is a nice guy.he will always keep her happy (Dekha na natija kya hua.if kashish had married Sujal she would have been very happy. There is tear in Kashish eyes.The preparations for the engagement ceremony is going on. They welcome Amarjeet(anus would-be hubby) Anus Bebe from batinda meets Kashish. She asks Kashish why didnt she call her for her wedding.She syas she is very angry with ehr.Kahsish does nto say anything. Then she asks where her husband is.But later on she says that she will identity him (We all know that Sujal will come and bebe will think that Sujal is her husband.gr8 na.i love u bebbe)Kashish doesn't say anything.(Arey woh kya batayegi.Usne to khudh apne pairo pe khuladi mari hain piyuhs se shaadi karke)Sujal and Pratham land up at anu's house.

Pratham is very nervousne. Our Sujal is confident.so sweet of him.(Sujal will go to any extent to help his friend.He is a true friend)Pratha says the house is filled with anu's relatives how will we go inside.If nybody will coem to know then what will happen. Sujal asks him if any one knows him in her family. Pratham says no then Sujal says 'Tho kya problem hai.

Andar jakar pehchan nikal lenge.Ab chalo yahin kade rahenge tho kisse ko shak ho saktha hai.' Sujal tells pratham (in a typical different style.liked the way he says) ' Abbey,haas' Pratham is sad. Sujal says 'haas haas' Sujal smies and he teaches Pratham to smile.(Really our hero can bring smile to anyones face)Sujal and Pratham are just watching evryone.Actually they are hunting for Anu.Just then Babbe from Bhatindas see them. She smells something fishy.She goes near them.Here Sujala nd Pratham are little bit sceptical as the lady is coming towards them.They r a bit afraid.

They try to look the other way Bebe is actually thinking that Sujal is Kashish husband.(how seet bebbe.even we all wnat that thing to happen). She thinks they are searching for kashish.Bebbe says 'Suniye kisse dund rahe hain?' Sujal says 'Hum? Woh'Bebbe says 'Jo main soch rahe hoon, wohi ab bhi soch rahe ho kya?' Sujal says:' haan. Bebbe says 'Wohi tho jo ap dund rahe hain woh busy hai.' (She thinks it is kashish whom thye r looking for)Sujal: oh!

(laughes)(he does not know what she is thinking)Bebbe intorduces herself that 'I am bebbe from batinda' She gets a clal form someone so she goes away before going she tells Sujal that don't forget I am the one and the only bebbe from.Sujal says 'batinda'. (liked the way Sujal stressed on batiuinda.so cute of him)Pratham and sujal are relieved. Pratham says we are saved.Sujal says 'Maine kaha tha na, koi na koi pehchan jaroor nikal lenge'. Pratham says 'Bahut bare pehchan nikala hai'. (sujal gives a big smile).Just then they all bring Anu down.Pratham sees it and becomes sad.He has tears in his eyes.Pratham also loves Anu so much.Pratham tells Sujal just look at her eyes they are so sad. I know she is looking down coz she is very sad.i know anu very well. Sujal remembers kashish walking to the mandap even she was sad.

Sujal thinks to himself 'Main kabhi bhula nahi sakta kashish tumhare palkon ne bhi isse tarah udasika bhoj utaye the.' Sujal tells Pratham ' Tujhe jo karna hai woh aaj hi karna hai. Agar tune aaj ko apne hath se jaanediya tho ane wala kal jeene layak nahi hoga.'

(Well said Sujal.we all agree wiht you.We all are with you.)Pratham goes to anu. Anu is shocked as him why he has come there. Just then her father arrives. He asks who this guy is. ANu is sacared.But our hero Sujal comes to their rescue.he says that he is anu's friend Sujal Garewal and he (pratham) is his younger brother Puneet. Anus father leaves. Sujal then tells Anu 'Dekho anu yeh jaana zaruri nahi hain ke main kaun hoon, par tumhara aur pratham ka bath karna zaruri hai'.

Just then Anus would-be hubby - Amarjeet comes.She introduces the as Sujal and Puneet. Sujal congratulates the guy and says that he is very lucky to have anu as his wife. He says when two people are meant for each other no one can come between them. Just then he spots Hespotted kashish on the staircase.

He sis surprised to see her.Kashish also sees him and is shocked.She goes towards him. (Gosh i thought she will again humiliate SUjal that why are u behind me.good she didnt sy that diya baati dialogues.i woudl have slapped her this time for sure)Kashish says 'Sujal tum yahan'. Sujal says 'Main yahan apne dost pratham ke madath karne keliye aya hoon.Uska pyar use chen gaya. Anu uska pyar thukhrakar bahut galath kar rahe hai'.Kashish says 'Faisla sahi hai ya galath yeh tho parinaam samne anne par he patha chaltha hai' Sujal says 'Par jo khud parenaam bugath raha ho, woh tho dusroon ko galath faisle karne se rok saktha hai'. Kashish says 'Har ek ke zindagi alag hota hai, Sujal aur isliye parenaam bhi alag hota hai. Aur phir parenaam galath hone se faisle galath nahi ho jate. Shayad mera faisla sahi tha, par jo parenaam mera hua zaruri tho nahi ke wohi anu ke saath ho?'

Sujal says 'Faisle jo dil se nahi kiye jathe woh aksar galath ho jathe hain'. Kashish says 'Faisle dil se nahi dimag se kiya ja tha hai, kyunki dil tho kabhi bhi thuth jatha hai'.Sujal says 'Thute wohi dil se kauffnak, darnak aur kuch nahi hoti'. Kashish says 'Woh dil hi kya jo dusaroon ke dil ko dukaye'.Sujal says 'Dil dukhana dil thodne se zyada acha hota hai kashish. Kyunkisamay ke saath dil ka dukh kam tho hosakta hai lekin thute hua dil kabhi nahi judsakte'. Kashish says 'Haan sujal shayad mera faizla galath tha. Kyunki maine dil thoda bhi hai, aur dukhaya bhi hai. Aur aaj mujhe apne kiye na fal mil raha hai'.

(Good so finally she realsied her mistake.now she has again regained her brains ack.really i cnat understand.this girl is a chameleon.But frens have u noticed when she is with Sujal her brains start functioning.Kya karen Sujal ka Jadoo hi aisa hain)Sujal says 'Maine aaj tak tumhe kisse bath keliye zimedhar nahi teharaya.Kyunki main janta hoon ke agar mere dil ke hazar thukde hua tho tumhare dil ko bhi bahut chot panache hai. Haan main aaj bhi manta hoon ke tumhara faisla galath tha, par yeh bhi janta hoon uske peche kitne balidan, kitna tyag tha. Galathi tumhare nahi hai kashish yeh galathi thi iske hai hamari kismat ki' he points his forehead.Kashish thinks in her mind 'Tum har bar mere soch ko galath sabith kyun kar dethe ho? Jab mujhe laga ke tum sirf apne bare mein soch the ho tabi tum yeh ehsaas karate ho ke tum apnon ke bare mein soch the ho'. (Kashish now u realised how nice Sujal is.he is a gem of a person.u have missed out such a wonderful person in ur life.now also u can go back to him.Inspite of Kahsish humiliatiiong him so many time sSUjal never elt bad about her.he never crticised her.He always justified her stand.Thats our Sujal Garewal with a heart of Gold)Just then bebbe from batinda arrives and sees the two of them together.

She says 'Tum dono ke chori pakade gaye. Maine tho phele hi pehchan liya ke yeh kashish ka husband hai.' Kashish is shocked. Sujal is 'nahi bebbe' But bebbe refuses to listen.The engagement ceremony starts. Pratham and sujal standing and watching the ceremony going on.

Anu and the amarjeet exchange rings. Pratham feels that he has lost evrything.Sujal tells him that he shouldn't feel that coz they haven't yet lost, 'Abhi tak maidan humne chodha nahin hain' Thye put on some music. Bebbe pulls sujal and kashish and asks them to dance to together. Hey they played the song of stero nation.Nachange sare rath soniyo.(This was the first song where Sujal and Kashish ahd danced to the tune remember frens the party scene where sujal parenst enegament was there.Kashish and Sujal dance to that number.we had uapldoed that video also.)Sujal and Kashish look at each other. Kashish is a bit insecure. Bebbe keeps forcing them to dance.(hats off babbe u r doing a gr8 job.hope Piyush would have sen this woh to jal boond ke raakh ho jayega) She puts kashish hand into sujal's. Pratham and anu standing and watching each other.

Anu leaves the party. Kashish follows her. Sujal goes behind kashish. Sujal says 'Kashish.

Tumne sahi kahatha kashish. Kisse bhi faisle ke sahi ya galath hona uske anjaam par nirbar hota hai.lekin yeh bhi himiyat rakte hai ke woh faisle kin halathon mein kiye gaye hain. Mera yeh manna hai ke koi bhi faisla dabav mein kiya ho tho woh galath hota hai.Kashish, ek bar sirf ek bar un dono ko milado. Ek bar dil ko thudne se bachalo.

Ek mohabath ko jeeth lene do. Hosakta hai ke unke kushi, unke dua se humare thute hua dil ko sukoon miljaye'. Kashish has teras in her eyes.she looks at Sujal Sujal says 'Please kashish. Ek bar prathamaur anu ko mila do'.

Sujal has teras in his eyes.(Frens realy sujal cares for his fren Pratham.He is a true fren.veryoen would love to have sucha fren like Sujal.)kashish goes away. Amarjeet (anus would be hubby) hears what they r saying.hope he is not like Piyush.hope he does not do anything wrong.Hope he will not trap Sujal and Pratham.Kashish goes to the terrace where Anu is standing. Kashish asks anu whether she is happy with the marraibge.Anu is sade is happy with the marriage. Anu replies that she is doing all this for her family.Kashish asks her why is she feeling bad about it.if she has decided to get married to Amarjeet.anu asks her 'kya phela pyar ko bulaya ja sakta hai?' Kashish is shocked by this question.She does not utter a word.Kashish says 'Nahi. Kashish says that since that u have takena firm decision they it shoudl not affect ur decision if u feel what u r doing is right.Anu tells her that if pratham sees her getting married then he will be able to accept the reality. Kashish says 'Hosakta hai ke shadi ke badh tumhareliye pratham ke chahath aur bad jaye?'

Kashish tells anu that before she takes any decission she should atleast speak to Pratham once. They turn and they see Sujal and Pratham.I liked this scene.Where they show Pratham walking upto Anu.Here Kashish walks upto Sujal.Pratham tells anu that he loves her a lot.Y is she marrying another guy if she loves him(pratham) here Sujal and Kashish loook at each other.Pratham asks Anu if she had to do all of this then whydid she have to come in to his life.Why did she show her dreams ' tumne Mujhe Sapne Kyon Dhikhaye?' Here Sujal and Kashish look at each other (Remembered Sujal ahd earlier said these same words to Kashish.where she has said the iay baati dialogues)Anu says she is sorry.

Pratham tells her not to be sorry coz both of of them expected much out of their relaitonship.He also says inspite of all this she could be happy only with him. He loves her. Anu tells pratham that theynever understood each other and fought all the time, so prathamsays 'Jahan pyar hota hai wahan jagade tho hote he hain.' Pratham tries to convince Anu.but she does not respond.Thne he goes to Kahsisha and says what would u do if you woudl have been in a similar situation.Kahsish is shocked so is SUjal.becoz they both know what the truth is.Pratham says please tell anu that what she is doing is wrong.Kashish says that it is not iportant to ehar what woudl i ahve done.but it is more important to knwo what anu wants.Just then Anu's father comes. Amarjeet also comes along.Anus father asks what is all this going on.He demands an explanation.

Sujal says that they are trying to save 3 lives from the path of destruction. When father says that he cares for his daughter more than he did (Sujal). Sujal agrees and asks why was he doing this to his daughter, when he knows she isn't in loves someone else.Sujal says i know what a fathers feelinsg are 'Shadi ke waqt vidaye bar ek baap ke ankhon mein aason hote hain kyunki un mein aas hoti hai.

Anewale khusiyon ka. Beti par dukh na bade ees bath ke dua hoti hai. To aap apne beti kekushiyoon ko kyun chen rahe hain?

Agar apke khushi apke beti se hai to uske khusi pratham se hai.' He further says Religion doesn't matter coz it is love that matters.Kashish is also listening to what sujal says.u could make out form her expression that she fully agrees to what sujal says.cos he said the fact.Sujal tells anus father that he will go away from here.but please think over it.Amarjeet is listening to all this and he also agrees to what Sujal says.( u have to agree Amarjeet,,Coz what sujal said was a fact). Amarjeet says that if i marry anu no one will remain happy.Anu will remain happy only with Pratham.so please get both of them married.he also tels that anu will be happy only with Pratham. Anus father agress to get Pratham and Anu married. Anu thnaks her father.So finally our hero brings smile to everyoens face.(Sujal u r a true friend.when ur friend needed u u were there or him.Sujal u have a heart of gold.u cna go to any extent to help ur friend.not like PB who ran away)Anus father decided that marriage will take place in the church.All are very happy.Next day at the church. Pratham and Sujal are waiting for the bride to come (Sujal is looking smashing in the suit.Even pratham was lookking good.)Sujal is Prathams best man.Pratham thnaks Sujal for being there for him when he needed him.

Sujal says 'Acha ap tu mujhe thanks kahega. Pagal' He says its an honour for me.