Linn Basik Lv V Tonearm Manual Muscle

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Linn Basik Lv V Tonearm Manual Muscle

I bought a Systemdek II (the biscuit tin) with a Linn LVX tonearm and Ortofon MC10 cartridge a couple of years ago. I set it up OK - but I can't remember how. Anyways, I redecorated the room last week and moved all my kit out, and back in again, and now the settings are all to cock. I cannot find any instructions for how to set up the LVX on the Vinyl Engine or anywhere for that matter. I guess all tonearms are much of a I suppose any reliable source of info, perhaps an instructional video, would be good? I can only find crap on Youtube - most are utterly bewlidering and many in fact I know to be wrong.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to a proven, easy to follow guide please? Hi there, Presuming the LVX isn't too dissimilar to my Basik+ then this is how I set up mine:- 1/ First the arm needs to be level when resting on the record in its down position. If it is not the treble will be affected. There is an allen screw on the side of the collar which needs to be loosened and then you just adjust the height taking care not to damage the stylus. Then retighten the allen screw.

2/ To set the weight first set the anti-skating to zero and adjust the counterweight until the arm is completely balanced and neither rises or falls when let go. Then hold the counter-weight still with one hand and turn the thinner part with the weight numbers on it till it reaches 0 at the 12 o'clock position. This sets the weight to the zero figure. You can now adjust the counterweight to the correct weight say 1.75g and the marked section should rotate with the weight so you can see what you have set. 3/ you then set the anti-skating to the same figure as the weight e.g. 1.75 4/ Finally the cartridge needs aligning so the body is always parallel to the grooves on the record. Crack Digitale Terrestre Mediaset Premium. You really need an alignment protractor there are 2 points on the protractor and you will need to loosen the cartridge mounting bolts till they are lightly tight and with the cartridge in each position lift the cartridge off the platter and twist the body gently so it is parallel to the grooves and lower on the protractor to see if it is parallel.

Explore Ek Vinyl's board 'Turntables' on Pinterest. See more ideas about Audiophile, Turntable and Music. May 28, 2017 Linn Basik Plus Tone Arm Manual Download. Sme 5 Tonearm Manual Read/Download Sme v series. Revolver Turntable with Linn Basik LVX Tone Arm. Classified ads in.

When it is re-tighten cartridge mounting bolts taking care not to move cartridge body. Hope that helps. I think this is down to the H.F. Resonances that M.C. Carts can generate & 'put into' the arm. The LVX is not a very well damped arm structurally & is known to suffer from 'Bearing Chatter' when used with M.C.

The bearings are plastic & not very high quality & do not seem durable when subjected to the extra rigors from an M.C. The later Akito was much better damped & seems a decent match for M.C. The percieved wisdom back in the late 1980's/early 90's was not to use M.C. Carts with LVX's & that at the budget end a switch to a Rega RB250/300 made sense for peeps wanting to make the move to M.C.' S If you want summat that is capable of exploiting M.C.' S a Jelco SA250 ST should be a 'drop in' replacement as I believe the Geometry/Effective length is the same, as is the arm fixing Type, with both having a Linn fixing.

I understand that a Mission 774 may also be a simple drop in if you find a 'Linn fit' version IIRC some may have used the SME fitting. I believe the bushing used for the counterweight can also deteriorate/perish over time. I have an LVX on my old AR XE 'The Turntable' & have only ever used iot with M.M. Carts & last I checked it seemed fine. It seems to work well with Goldring 1022gx/1042 M.M carts. I need to correct my error in the above.

I put my glasses on and realise that the cartridge is an MC10 'Super', and not your bog standard MC10. Although I guess one level below the 'Super duper' model. I also then realised I needed to adjust down to 1.5g. However, whilst examining with my specs on, although my arm appears to be perfectly aligned and parallel, I notices that the cartridge is riding unbelievably low. The body is only a cigarette paper above the vinyl. Adjusting the tracking force makes no difference, because even in the resting position, the stylus is only a couple of mm below the body.

Is this OK or is something wrong? Keep in mind I bought the TT/arm/cart 2nd hand, so I have no idea of the history.

To my ears, it all sounds pretty good though. It has however set me thinking maybe I should purchase a new cartridge, and one that is more of a natural fit for my tonearm and kit. I don't however want to step down in sound quality. A cart that minimises surface noise would be a bonus. At the very budget end, purely based on reviews, the AT 95e for about £35 seems to be a sensible choice, and at the upper end of my budget, at about £80, I had considered the Ortofon 2M red. However, I have read on here that the Ortofon has issues with a Linn Basik Plus (same as my LVX?) and indeed, I emailed Ortofon and they said '2m cartridges are not recommended by Ortofon for Linn LVX. The 2M cartridges will fit the headshell, but the output is different.

OM 5E is very good and on same price level as 2M red.' So that left me confused and of course I now realise the decision is not as straightforward as looking at which cartridge gets 5 star reviews on Amazon! So, should I just stick with the MC10 (and lose sleep that it is doing damage) or is it time to make the change? Georgia Pacific Fastbeam Software here.

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