Long Island Medium Season 2 Download

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Long Island Medium Season 2 Download

Name Description Time Price 1 TV-PG Closed Captioning Video Caputo Christmas Closure and peace are the gifts for many families during this special one hour holiday episode. Theresa reunites a family with the dad who passed away during a holiday foot race.

Watch Long Island Medium: Season 1 Episode 2 Driving Me Nuts Full Episode. Theresa is enlisted to teach her 16 year old daughter Victoria how to drive. Download or stream from your Apple TV, Roku, Smart TV, computer or portable device. Theresa Caputo is back for an all new season of Long Island Medium.

Long Island Medium Season 2 Download

42:35 $2.99 2 TV-PG Closed Captioning Video Celebrity Spirit Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons and his sister get a reading. Adaptec Slimscsi 1460a Driver. Then, Susan Lucci welcomes Theresa into her home. Later, Theresa channels spirit for Sopranos star Jamie Lynn Sigler. And Scandal's Katie Lowes travels to Long Island for a private reading. 42:35 $2.99 3 TV-PG Closed Captioning Video Spirit in Paradise Now that they've arrived, Theresa and Larry are ready to sample life in Florida and discover whether or not they can be Snowbirds. And, while under the blow dryer at a new hair salon, Theresa channels the brother of another customer.

42:34 $2.99 4 TV-PG Closed Captioning Video Spirit in Paradise: The Son Also Visits While Larry Sr. Is out of town, Larry Jr. Comes to visit Theresa in Florida, and brings her places she'd never go with her husband. Makes a nervous Theresa try out jet skis and she starts reading the instructor as they are jumping over waves. 21:03 $2.99 5 TV-PG Closed Captioning Video Spirit in Paradise: The Decision Larry knows Theresa doesn't like riding motorcycles, but plans a special surprise to get her top change her mind. Later, Theresa surprises a homicide detective with messages from spirit. And it's decision time for the Caputos.

Will they stay in Florida? 21:03 $2. Manual For Garmin Homeport Program. 99 6 TV-PG Closed Captioning Video Line of Duty In this one hour special, Theresa salutes hero police officers and firefighters, and reads people who have lost a loved one in the line of duty.

42:35 $2.99 7 TV-PG Closed Captioning Video I Don't Believe In Theresa's line of work, she constantly has to deal with skeptics. In this episode, spouses and relatives drag their non-believer family members to Theresa, to get them to change their minds. 21:03 $2.99 8 TV-PG Closed Captioning Video Haunted Houses In an episode the likes of which we've not seen in years, Theresa visits and cleanses the homes of people who believe they are haunted. First, Theresa visits a home believed to be visited by the previous owner. 21:03 $2.99 9 TV-PG Closed Captioning Video Channeling Love Go beyond the read in this special two-hour episode of Long Island Medium with romantic exclusives with Theresa and Larry. The couple shares their favorite Valentine's Day memories and their tips on how to make a marriage last.

1:19:43 $2.99 10 TV-PG Closed Captioning Video Wisdom Teeth Theresa reads a young couple who suffered a great loss. Then, Theresa connects a father with his two daughters, who want to continue his legacy. Later, when Larry, Jr. Has to have his wisdom teeth removed. 21:03 $2.99 11 TV-PG Closed Captioning Video Remembering Petey The Caputos have gone to the dogs! Almost a year after Petey's death, LJ and Victoria both have new puppies, and it's time to erect a memorial to Petey in the backyard.

Larry Sr is overcome with emotion as they remember their trusted dog. 21:03 $2.99 12 TV-PG Closed Captioning Video Theresa Reads Kids In this special half hour, for the first time, an entire episode of Theresa giving readings to children. First Theresa surprises a child with a reading. Later, in a group reading, Theresa channels a sister for the brother who never got to know her.

21:03 $2.99 13 TV-PG Closed Captioning Video Parental Blessing It's an emotional half hour as Theresa reads people who are seeking the blessing of their deceased parents for their relationships. 21:03 $2.99 14 TV-PG Closed Captioning Video Surprise In Disguise In this special one-hour episode, Theresa surprises people like you have never seen before! Always nervous that she's going to get caught before a surprise, Theresa decides to do the surprises in a series of disguises! 42:35 $2.99 15 TV-PG Closed Captioning Video Before the Wedding Bells are ringing in this special episode as Theresa conducts readings surrounding upcoming weddings.

First, a man surprises his fiancee with a reading from Theresa, who hopes to connect with the father she is heartbroken will not walk her down the aisle. 21:03 $2.99 16 TV-PG Closed Captioning Video Before the Baby In this special half hour, Theresa reads expectant mothers looking for closure before the birth of their children. 21:03 $2.99 17 TV-PG Closed Captioning Video Was it My Fault? Over the years, Theresa has encountered dozens of people who feel they have played a part in the death of a loved one.Theresa connects these people with their loved ones to help them deal with their feelings of self-blame.

21:03 $2.99 18 TV-PG Closed Captioning Video Healing the Anger Theresa visits with people who are so consumed with anger over the death of loved ones that they're finding it difficult to move on with their lives. First, Theresa visits with a guilt-ridden man who wished his brother dead right before he overdosed. 21:03 $2.99 19 TV-PG Closed Captioning Video Block Party! Theresa finds herself reflective as she undertakes two huge events: her largest-ever fundraiser group reading, and the return of her neighborhood block party. And, Theresa turns a skeptic into a believer when she channels a long-deceased spirit. 42:35 $2.99 19 Episodes.