Menustrip 3 0 2 Crack Heads

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HEAL-A-SEAL TM IS THE ONLY COMPLETE REPAIR KIT ON THE MARKET ( IT IS NOT JUST A CHEMICAL!) - WHICH ENABLES THE USER TO FIX ENGINES WITH BLOWN OR LEAKING HEAD GASKETS, ALSO ENGINES WITH WARPED OR CRACKED HEADS, LEAKY INTAKE MANIFOLD GASKETS, LEAKING OR CRACKED CYLINDER BLOCKS AND ALL OTHER COOLING SYSTEM RELATED PROBLEMS. AND, UNLIKE ANYTHING ELSE ON THE MARKET, HEAL-A-SEAL TM IS THE ONLY COMPLETE HEAD GASKET REPAIR KIT WHICH ELIMINATES THE COSTLY MAJOR REPAIRS, OR ENGINE DISASSEMBLY, OR EVEN THE ENGINE REBUILDING DUE TO ANY OF THE ABOVE SYMPTOMS, WHILE SAVING THE USERS A 'SMALL FORTUNE'. WHICH CAN RANGE FROM A MINIMUM OF $800-$1000* (Price Quotes from Repair Shops) FOR 4 CYLINDER ENGINES - TO UP TO $4500-$5000* ( Price Quotes from Dealers) FOR ENGINES SUCH AS BMW, CADILLAC NORTHSTAR, LANDROVER, ETC. .And not only a LOW COST alternative, but also a Very Reliable alternative which is so EFFECTIVE that it completely does away with the need for any MAJOR REPAIRS or COSTLY ENGINE DISASSEMBLY! It also brings the job of the Headgasket Replacement down to a level of any Do-It-Yourselfer or a 'Weekend Mechanic' who would otherwise never even want to ponder as to how to replace a Blown Head Gasket - much less think of actually undertaking a project of such magnitude as dismantling an engine - to replace the Head Gaskets! Or, do the 'engine top' rebuilding - just to replace a WARPED or a CRACKED Engine Head!

Or worse, discover in the process that the original Head Gasket problem might actually be a CRACKED ENGINE BLOCK problem - which is a condition that Head Gaskets Replacement (even ENGINE HEADS Replacement) will NOT fix! Or, make even more discouraging 'discovery' of Coolant in the Engine Oil, since the cause of Coolant in Engine Oil - the CRACKED ENGINE BLOCK - is just NOT repairable!

(The symptom of this, the 'muddy', 'milky', or 'chocolaty' Engine Oil on the Dipstick is almost always caused by the CRACKED ENGINE BLOCK - NOT by a Blown Head Gasket - and consequently that Engine just plain can NOT be fixed )! Although Coolant / water in the Oil is a common and frequent problem (much more frequent than Oil in the Coolant!), it is truly impossible to permanently and reliably fix either one of these Lubricating and Cooling System problems by any other means - except when using our product, the HEAL-A-SEAL TM REPAIR KIT! And our product is the only one on the market that will successfully repair Cracks in the Engine Head as well as the Cracks in the ENGINE BLOCK. Both, the Internal ENGINE BLOCK Crack types - (which will result in Coolant / Water in the Engine Oil, or worse, Engine Oil in the Coolant symptoms). Or the External type ENGINE BLOCK Cracks - causing the Engine Coolant Loss - or Antifreeze Leaks. These Cracked Head or Cracked Block indicators are also Engine Problems which really can NOT be fixed by any other means or by any other products, and there would be absolutely NO other alternative, except for replacing that Engine - if was it not for our product, HEAL-A-SEAL TM! Moreover, the HEAL-A-SEAL TM REPAIR KIT will turn the dilemma of HOW to change a Head Gasket and/or Cylinder Head into much less of a daunting task!

Menustrip 3 0 2 Crack Heads

Menustrip 3 0 2 Crack Heads. Msi Afterburner 2 2 0 Beta 14 Running;. Sunny Meadow Band. Nov 17, 2010 OK, I bought a Subaru for it reliability right? Well.lucky me I just found out my 2005 outback 3.0R vdc with 83,000 has a cracked cylinder head!!!!!

Right down to the level of any 'back-yard mechanic'. And down to no more of a skill or knowledge than what is required for performing a more mundane task of just doing a Cooling System Flush - instead.And where the only other concern, will be how to make sure that our product penetrates the breach between the Cooling System and the Combustion Chamber of the faulty Cylinder - the Cylinder which was diagnosed with: A A) COOLANT LEAK FROM THE COOLING SYSTEM INTO THE COMBUSTION CHAMBER Symptoms: Steam / Smoke from exhaust pipe, Loss & Smell of Coolant, Hard to start when Cold, etc. Or worse, B) EXHAUST GASSES LEAK FROM THE COMBUSTION CHAMBER INTO THE COOLING SYSTEM (High Temperature - 800-900F - Gasses penetrating under tremendous pressures into the Cooling System). S ymptom s: Overheating, Boiling Over, Air Bubbles in the Overflow Tank, Hard/Swollen Radiator and Heater Hoses, Leaking Heater Core, Large Air Pockets (resulting in NO Circulation, No Heat, etc.)!

But if this Engine Diagnostics first, and then Engine Treatment second, sounds slightly overwhelming - not to worry! There is a whole booklet of a Manual which explains everything from A-Z; all the Theory, all the Practice, and all the Step by Step procedures, with 'HOW TO' instructions throughout - from the quick and sim ple Engine Diagnostics. To the specific Treatment Segment - with VERY DETAILED explanations for each procedure!

Also, for even less 'worry', and beyond all the Step by Step instructions, there is the ultimate peace of mind of knowing that you are never 'on your own' and that you can call the 24/7 Tech Support at 1-888 - 256-0403 EXT. 4 for any help or question you might have - anytime! It is, in the simplest terms, a special 'High Temperature / High Pressure Combustion Gasses and Coolant 'Stop Leak' - for the Cooling System and Combustion Chamber of any engine - Gasoline or Diesel and with any type of Engine Blocks or Cylinder Heads - Cast Iron or Aluminum! In addition to this basic purpose and basic function, HEAL-A-SEAL TM is also a COMPLETE COOLING SYSTEM STOP LEAK which will also stop ALL types or Radiator leaks, including in radiators with PLASTIC RADIATOR TANKS, or any other Cooling System leaks, for that matter - even the leaking HEATER CORES! What HEAL-A-SEAL TM is NOT? It is NOT just a 'Radiator Stop Leak', and it should NOT be confused with the somewhat similar but limited in function, and much lower in price products - the Radiator 'Stop Leak' Chemicals!

Actually, it is unlike any other 'Radiator Stop Leak' as it does so much more! What will it do? What HEAL-A-SEAL TM WILL do, besides the stopping all external Cooling System leaks, is to PERMANENTLY FIX the Blown Head Gaskets, Warped or Cracked Heads, leaking or cracked Cylinder Blocks and something that no other product will do - save the Engines with the Coolant mixing in the Oil, or even Oil mixing in the Coolant! Furthermore, it will PREVENT LEAKS in newly rebuilt engines, replaced engines, or even the replaced Radiators or Heater Cores.

Likewise, it will also PREVENT SEEPAGE in engines with the newly replaced Head Gaskets, new Intake Manifolds (or replaced Manifold Gaskets only), even the new water pumps. Because HEAL-A-SEAL TM is specially formulated with the 'space age ingredients' to get activated in the 'Hot Section' of the engine - in the Cylinder Heads, and the Cylinder Blocks. And especially so in the weakest part of the Engine Combustion Chamber - the Head Gasket located between the Cylinder Heads and Cylinder blocks! How Does It Work?

Here is the answer to that proverbial 'How It Works' question: Those same 'space age ingredients ' are at the heart of the HEAL-A-SEAL TM Repair Kit and they are activated by the combination of high temperatures and high pressures in the Cooling System and in the Jackets and Passages which surround the Combustion Chamber. In a Thermo-Chemical reaction they BOND TO THE METAL SURFACES OF THE COOLING SYSTEM and act to SEAL-OFF the Cooling System from the Combustion Chamber, by penetrating any leaks (even the external ones!) and subsequently forming a strong and durable rivet-type (with 'head' at both ends) 'filling' which effectively plugs-up and seals-off the entire area of the leak. Thereafter, when exposed to the air, it cures, and when it cures - it hardens, and when it hardens it turns into an absolutely 'bulletproof' and 'fireproof' mass which is even stronger than the original Head Gasket, and which then serves as a permanent seal, and a permanent separation, between the Coolant Passages and Combustion Chamber, or Lubrication Oil Passages, (and even as an EXTERNAL STOP LEAK ) within the Engine Heads, Cylinder Blocks and/or Head Gaskets. On top of all this, and in addition to the basic metal bonding ingredients, there are also other ingredients to not only prevent any Electrolytic Corrosion or Rust, and/or 'Scale', from forming in the entire Cooling System, but also included are ingredients which act as a Cooling System Conditioner as well as a water pump lubricant. All of this guarantees that the product will NOT cause or do any harm (such as 'clogging') to the Engine, Radiator, Thermostat, and/or the rest of the Cooling System, whatsoever.

It also guarantees that it will provide a reliable and safe user environment with no 'side effects' whatsoever, especially when it comes to the Engine disassembly if it is needed any time in the future. HEAL-A-SEAL TM will penetrate into, and stay within, any leak from or into the Cooling System or Combustion Chamber where the 'prescribed' pressure and temperature combination exists. Moreover, it will create a 'HARD SHELL' which will 'Coat' the entire Cooling System, as well as all of the Cooling System passages within the Engine 'from the inside' and thus reseal the ENTIRE SYSTEM! This will not only have an additional benefit of the 'instant' increase in the Cylinders Compression but it will also result in additional protection of the Engine by preventing it from any new leaks in the future! HEAL-A-SEAL TM starts to act, quickly, effectively, and safely, as soon as the Engine reaches the operating temperature, and once the resultant High Temperatures and High Pressures have developed within the Engine's Hot Section. In short, our HEAL-A-SEAL TM SOLUTION is truly the 'right solution' for fixing a large variety of leaky Head or Cylinder problems on any Engine with a Radiator - be it a Gasoline Engine or Diesel Engine!

The HEAL-A-SEAL TM Standard Repair Kit has everything needed for the task and includes the following items. 1 Bottle of HEAL-A-SEAL TM (Comes in 4, 6 and 8 Cylinder, or Commercial Vehicle sizes) Cooling System Flush Kit Items (1 each of 1/2, 5/8, and 3/4 inch 'T' Hose Adapters, 2 Hose Clamps, and a Water Hose Coupler) NOTE: Cooling System Flush Kit Items are essential parts of the KIT - as flushing of the Cooling System is mandatory prior to the application. So, if from all the above you already realize how our HEAL-A-SEAL TM SOLUTION will bring your Engine ' back to life'. Please click below if you are ready now to order the HEAL-A-SEAL TM STANDARD REPAIR KIT. What takes place within the Cylinders of every Internal Combustion Engine (Gasoline or Diesel) is a 'Controlled Explosion' of the fuel which is powering the Engine. The energy that is created pushes the Pistons downwards which is then turned into a Rotational movement, and which movement is then further transferred to its final form where it turns the wheels of the vehicle.

The significant and undesirable by-product of the Combustion Process is a creation of a tremendous amount of heat. This heat energy must be dissipated in the most efficient way. As any excessive temperature which is beyond the capacity of the materials used for the construction of an engine would eventually cause the destruction of those components and the engine itself. Thus there is a need for a reliable Cooling System as close as possible to the Heat Source - the Engine Cylinder Block and the Engine Head! And that is exactly what gets damaged when a failure of the Cooling System occurs! And therefore, that is exactly in where our HEAL-A-SEAL TM Repair Kit also does its 'work' - in the Engine's Cooling System. And at the locations where the heat caused damage has already occurred!

And typically, that damage to the Engine starts with the Blown Head Gaskets, Cracked - or Warped - Cylinder Heads, and finally the Cracked Cylinder Blocks! The Illustrations and Verbal Descriptions below provide an insight into the fundamentals of the Engine Cooling Systems, the relevant Engine components, and how our HEAL-A-SEAL TM Repair Kit 'finds its way', through the passages of the Engine Cooling System, precisely to those 'locations where the heat caused damage has already occurred'! SKETCH OF A TYPICAL COOLING SYSTEM AND THE COOLANT PATH.

The above Sketch depicts a typical COOLING SYSTEM where the COOLANT is initially supplied and/or replenished from the COOLANT RESERVOIR, ( GREEN) and then circulates through the RADIATOR into the ENGINE, from where the heated Coolant ( RED) from the top part of the ENGINE passes through the THERMOSTAT HOUSING, UPPER RADIATOR HOSE, and enters the top part of the RADIATOR. After being cooled down ( YELLOW ), by its passage through the RADIATOR CORE, the COOLANT is then returned via the L OWER RADIATOR HOSE into the WATER PUMP, which then pumps it into the passages surrounding the COMBUSTION CHAMBER, and throughout the hot sections of the ENGINE - the CYLINDER BLOCK and the CYLINDER HEADS.

The First 90 Days Michael Watkins Rapidshare Library. Cove Reading Program Directions For Driving. The above ENGINE CROSS-SECTION (typical 'V-8' ENGINE ) shows all main ENGINE components and indicates the exact location of the most HEAT DAMAGE PRONE PARTS - THE HEAD GASKETS. They are 'represented' in the above ENGINE CROSS-SECTION by the RED LINES sandwiched between the hottest parts of the Engine, the CYLINDER BLOCK and CYLINDER HEADS. Both of which are also very Vulnerable to the excessive Heat that can be caused by any failure of the Cooling System.

The above is the basic description of 'how everything works'. But to go 'beyond basics', and to get some more advanced knowledge about Blown Head Gaskets, Cracked Heads, and Cylinder Blocks, and about the intricacies of the Overheating problems, their original causes, and solutions, etc. And especially the 'treatment knowledge'. Click on the button below.

** Typically the lowest cost for Head Gasket replacing will be from the Mechanics and/or Automotive Shops who specialize in Engine rebuilding. They are usually the ones who have the lowest overhead costs, and yet they provide the most specialized Engine Repair and Rebuilding Service. Nevertheless, with the cost of labor alone, and the basic parts replacement (Cracked Heads - for example), the Head Gasket change can still run in the minimum range of $850 - $1100 for the 4 Cylinder engines (much more for a V6 or V8 engines) depending on the engine type and the Repair Shop locality. However, car dealers do quote as much as $2500 (and more), depending on the model, and the final bill is most of the times even higher when all other 'hard parts' are 'discovered' that absolutely require replacement, or those that are 'highly advisable' to be replaced. And this might not even include the cost of other 'incidentals' which are just as essential but are likely to be worn-out and require replacement: Various Sensors ('Sending Units'), Water Hoses, Vacuum Hoses, Belts, Spark Plugs, Cables, Engine Oil, Coolant, even the costly Timing Chain, Hydraulic Valve Lifters, etc. The expectedly highest priced repairs, and the Head Gaskets costs, are on the BMW and other 'high tech' / high priced Engines with Aluminum Heads (and Aluminum Cylinder Blocks), and that can reach even the $4500 - $5000 range.

The Cadillac Northstar engines are in a 'club' of their own as they are NOT designed to be rebuilt and the only alternative is a NEW Northstar engine - Dealer installed only - at the cost ranging from $8500 - $9500, depending on a Dealer! There is however another 'cheaper' alternative and in a $4500 price range: Dealer's replacement of the Head Gaskets only - but with absolutely NO Guarantee. And we have had some customers where the same problems do return only 3 weeks later after the Head Gaskets replacement! Or worse, many times even the complete rebuilding of the engine DOES NOT eliminate the leaks, and actually CAN NOT eliminate the leaks, when the cause of the leak is the INTERNAL CRACK(S) in the Engine Block. These INTERNAL CRACKS are UN-REPAIRABLE since most of the time they are absolutely invisible and undetectable by any means (especially in the Aluminum Engine Blocks as frequently they can be 'almost microscopic'!). And the only alternative left unfortunately would be replacing of the whole engine - after spending upwards of $5000 for the complete engine disassembly/rebuilding - totally in vain. Well, that is not the only alternative any more!

'Heal-A-Seal' will save those 'hopeless engines' too! And even before spending the 'big bucks'. Only to find out that the Cracked Engine Block is just not repairable! For more details click on the button below.

*** Diagnosing help is provided FREE by a knowledgeable expert with the lifetime Automotive and Technical experience for whom the tough cases (even engines that won't start!) are a daily challenge. You are welcome to call TOLL FREE and get 'advanced knowledge' about the possible causes of Engine Overheating Problems, Blown Head Gaskets, Cracked Heads, Cylinder Blocks, etc.

Also the 'treatment knowledge' about what works and what does not, how it works, and most importantly how to fix your specific problem. (and make it stay fixed!)!

For more details click on the button below. But there is even more to HEAL-A-SEAL TM than all the 'facts and theory', and the tremendous amount of information that you see above! We do have it 'down to science' here.

As it is also a fact that HEAL-A-SEAL TM has been on the market since 2004, and in the process we have developed a high level of expertise in treating just about any type of engine - for any type of symptom. And very successfully so!

The main reason is that when all the Instructions are followed 100% - HEAL-A-SEAL TM is 100% successful! It has 'converted' even the staunchest skeptic! It has repaired cracks which were impossible to see! It has even fixed leaks where all other products have failed! It has sealed engines that even disassembly/re-assembly could not! In short, it just can NOT fail - as long as all the instructions are followed! For any 'ultimate skeptic', or the 'ultimate layman', here is the best and easiest way to understand how we make it possible: We simply bring it down to supplying not only the unique product, but also the unique and proprietary process, which is really equivalent to pouring water/cement mix into a mold!

When that mixture cures, and it hardens. In the right hands.

The result - hard concrete - can turn into the shape of a mile long bridge, or a 100 story skyscraper! Nobody doubts that - everyone has seen that everywhere! The same (but 'un-seen') analogy here! HEAL-A-SEAL TM penetrates the breach ('mold'), bonds to the metal surface and creates the Seal! Then, when exposed to the air, that Seal cures, and when it cures, it hardens within! The result: a Seal harder than the 'hard concrete ' and the Seal that will withstand tremendous temperatures and pressures which are way in excess of any found in the combustion chamber of any Automotive Engine, Gasoline or Diesel!

As if it was precision welded - from the inside! And the final result: E ngine saved! But the reality is that ' can NOT fail', like with anything else in life, could have its limitations and the individual results may vary due to the fact that each engine is different, and each condition is unique. That is why our Money Back Guarantee is so Unique too! It is more than just Money back Guarantee!

When enacted, it also includes a FREE REPLACEMENT Guarantee, PLUS a Refund of the Product cost! The FREE REPLACEMENT Guarantee even covers the cost of 2nd day Shipping - anywhere in the USA! If the FREE REPLACEMENT treatment should fail, the cost of the product is fully refunded!

But no, that is no foolishness. That is just the highest level of confidence in our product and in our process! However, there are 2 exceptions - Cadillac NorthStar and Subaru Boxer engines - where the Guarantee is limited to the Free Replacement and Free Shipping. And we are not the only ones so confident of our product! There are numerous repeat customers who buy the HEAL-A-SEAL TM to 'fix' cars and resell them. And this even includes Used Car Dealers who also use it repeatedly on the vehicles that they sell!

But the most rewarding experience that we have here is when we receive calls or Email from customers who want to report the 'almost incredible results'. Where only within minutes they saw the steam and smoke from the exhaust pipe disappear right in front of their eyes. Or when some of them come back even 3 years later to place another order, only thrilled to have 'cheated' the 'Nay-Sayers mechanics' and happy to avail themselves to another 'automotive bargain of a lifetime' - which will extend their Engine life for maybe another 3 years. And for less money than what mechanics want just for the Engine Diagnostics (only to tell them what they already know!).

Here are some of those of the 'most interesting' and amazing user comments we have received, below.