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My Traffic X Serial KeyMy Traffic X Serial Key

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Hi, I am EXTREMELY confused. I dont understand what i am doing and half the thing si am doing i dont know whats going on relating to the My Traffic X Editor. I want to create schedules for flights all around the world or around the continent i will be flying in, basically i want it to have some air traffic aswell as ground and generate a Schedule. What is the editor for?

What can i do with it? Is there a DETAILED tutorial online that gives detailed instructions for each and every function regarding the Editor? Everytime i click something, either nothing displays or something displays but no flights are being scheduled. I keep clicking auto schedule and it keeps stating that there are 0 airfcraftsm 0 this and 0 that on the main page of the Editor. Please direct me to a detailed tutorial on using the editor because the current help.html that comes with My traffic X are not user freindly to those who have never used the program before.

How would i get to activate My traffic Board that displays all the scheduled flight numbers, airline logos and if its: delayed, taken off, boarding etc? Please help, thanks alot. Thanks, Kambiz, yes there are many pages to read in the manual section. Basically, the editor is a front end to a database. This database is a.myt file, every version of MyTraffic comes with the.myt file it is built with. So in the case of MyTrafficX 5.1b, this is MTXV51b.myt.

I recommend you make a backup of the data base before you continue. Now, start the editor, read in the data base, and you have exactly the information available that make up MyTraffic. There are entries about the aircraft series, types and registrations as example. There are airport informations.

You can adjust the airport informations to what you actually have installed as airports using the FSX SDK traffic toolbox and dumping the airport list -how to do this you read in the manual. There are also some auxiliary sections, liek rule sets that as example disallow British Airways at Stansted or Ryanair at Heathrow - this is one of the most powerful tools in your hand. There are sets of schedules based on real world observations in those countries where this information isn't classified, plus some other schedules, all these in the most flexible data format, called forks. Alltogether the database, that has grown over the 5 years that MyTraffic is the leading AI traffic solution, has more than 100000 entries and is at least one man year of work just achieving all those data. The basic idea is, if you want to modify the traffic, you change the rules. Than you let the editor calculate new schedules for you from this changed rule set.

In addition, there is a fast, effective and save way to add specific route between two airports from the Airlines - Manage Airline dialog, where you just select a type of that airline, select the both ends and the editor makes the schedule for you. From early time still a completely manual part is included, but usage of it requires in depth understanding of FSX AI traffic and its rules, so beginners will experience they program many flights that do not show up for many many reasons, so this section is only recommended in very special cases and will leave the program in near future. Don't forget to save the database if you made changes. Download Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 Pcsx2.

You need to export the new schedules to FSX using the Create menu.

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