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Young Roscoe Philaphornia. E Bonus Track 1 Roscoe. Young Roscoe Philaphornia. 3:43 $0.99 Additional info. Young Roscoe Philaphornia [Edited] by Roscoe (Rap) This is an Enhanced CD, which contains both regular audio tracks and multimedia compuuter files. Includes an untitled hidden track following 'Get Low'.

This is an Enhanced CD, which contains both regular audio tracks and multimedia compuuter files. Includes an untitled hidden track following 'Get Low'. Personnel: Roscoe, Sleepy Brown, Mr. Kane, YA (rap vocals); Richard Stites (clavinet, keyboards, drums); La Toiya Williams (background vocals). Producers include: Fingazz, Rico Wade, Soopafly, Caspa, Def Jeff. This is an Enhanced CD, which contains both regular audio tracks and multimedia computer files.

Roscoe Philaphornia Rare

To those who don't bother to take his indi. Cons: Needs more variety. The world and its grandmother knows which emcee I idolise.

Yeah, if you read my reviews regularly you’ll know of my obsession and admiration for DPG flame-spitter Kurupt. Well, as he’s slowly becoming more and more isolated over at Death Row under the delusional spell of Suge Knight, it’s time for a new hot young emcee to step up and grab the limelight, much like Kurupt did back in 92 and 93.

His name is Young Roscoe, Kurupt’s younger brother, who’s basically one of the hottest young prospects in the rap game. Roscoe first jumped to attention in 1999, aged only 14, he blew away me and most people with an earth-shaking verse on Kurupt’s “ I Call Shots”, spitting fire: “Swearin y'all can see me but that's just like seein Elvis / I grab to crick a back and crack a n--a 'cross the pelvis / My rhymes is dangerous, hazardous to health / I make a n--a murder twenty kids and cap his own self”. Armed with dangerous rhymes like this, it’s not strange why many people immediately compared him to his older brother. Given the way Roscoe was also born in Philly, but eventually raised in Cali, this gives him the same east-west blend that helped (and hindered) Kurupt. So it was only a matter of time before we saw a debut album.

This takes the name of Young Roscoe Philaphorna, and it has been pushed back more times than a Rakim album - it was originally slated for an October 2001 release, but on June the 10th it finally found a release. Could the potent young emcee hold his own throughout a whole album and would he live up to the hype created by himself? Track Listing 1. Head to Toe feat Sleepy Brown. Скачать Драйвер Ati Radeon 9100.

It’s About That Time feat LaToiya Williams. Get Ready feat Mr. Smooth Sailin’ (*****) 6. Shakedown (*****) 8. Get Flipped (****?) 9. Last Night (****) 10.

Young Roscoe (****) 11. What I Look Like (****) 12.

Get Low feat Young Assassins (****) 13. I Call Shots II feat Kurupt (*****) I classify Roscoe into the midst of a number of talented, young Westcoast lyricists coming up in the game such as Sly Boogy, Crooked I and Planet Asia. Whenever he’s dropped verses before Philaphorna they’ve always been on point, but the question is does he continue his progress on his debt album? In short, yes. Roscoe can ride virtually any beat, for example on LT Hutton’s insanely fast, oriental-sounding beat on former lead single “Shakedown”. The eighteen year old drops a quite stunning triple-cadence flow with lyrics pelted out at top-speed it almost reminds me of *whisper* Pharoahe Monch.

O Seconds”, a good opening song, finds Roscoe once again spitting rawness over a simple and hard-hitting Fingazz beat: “Breakin’ em off, like umbilical cords / takin’ em off the billboards, charging through at full force / Head first, walk ‘em, torture them high to death / ready to scorch them and leave them stiff like starch” Given that this album is 13 tracks long, it’s pleasantly surprising that there are not really any weak songs. Now how long has it been since I’ve been able to say that about a rap album?

I like this album considerably, so much I’m prepared to nit-pick. What hinders Philaphorna is that ‘Sco is lured into nondescript writing when the tempo drops and the commercial stakes increase, such as the single “Head to Toe”. He sounds somewhat lacklustre, and it’s a contrast with the high energy kinetics previously demonstrated. And apart from the storytelling of “Last Night” Roscoe doesn’t really dig very deep or vary his subject matter that much. Ok he’s only 18, but some introspective lyrics might have been a nice touch.

I’ll sound biased saying this, but Kurupt’s calming influence has otherwise helped this CD. Not only has he executive produced and helped sequence the album, he drops background vocals on several tracks and provides the hidden remix of the classic Kurupt song that I mentioned at the top of the review: “I Call Shots II”.

Roscoe’s battle capabilities obviously derived from his older brother shines here, he literally tears his new verses apart with venom like: “I snort Anthrax / transports sacks of raw like Amtrak” and “When I see bling-bling I snatch it and pawn it / Ching-ching add it to my wallet, I’m heartless”. Yeah, ouch in an era where a hundred lesser emcees have blown up because of their endorsement of bling-bling, it’s a brave demolishment job from Roscoe of a “style” of Hip Hop he could easily have been tempted to adopt to push units. All I needed on this otherwise excellent remix is a new verse from Kurupt to complete things. However, the production on Philaphorna is very good as is he sequencing: it flows smootly with nice variety, and the solid beats from various recognised producers is impressive. Take “Smooth Sailin’”, the album’s standout moment. Sampling the “Ba da ba ba baaaa” chant from Earth, Wind and Fire’s “Brazilian Rhyme”, this fits in perfectly alongside a truly relaxing, hypnotic synthesized beat with various soothing sound effects. Roscoe adjusts his flow and tone brilliantly to deliver smoothly flowing tales of his ambitions and life during sunny California afternoons.

Download Highly Compressed Pc Games Less Than 300mb on this page. God, this is possibly THE song of the summer. As indicated by this standout, if you’re only into grimy hip hop a la Mobb Deep or Boot Camp Clik then maybe this CD ain’t for you. But cuts like “Get Flipped” are undeniably pure heat, as DJ Quik’s stirring orchestral efforts enlightens the song. This is the perfect CD for summer – “It’s About That Time” is a great feel-good song to chill out to.

It has that Westcoast mentality. There is no doubt about it, you better step out of the way of the “Young Roscoe Philaphorna” express-train. Roscoe is an eloquent, serious lyricist who is not to be f--ked with and this debut album demonstrates this. Blending feel-good summer tunes with some awesome shows of lyrical prowess, all this young emcee needs to do is add some variety as he can undoubtedly already hang with the best. A very solid album that isn’t mindblowing, but great for Westcoast fans and people on the look out for new talents.

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