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Slayer South Of Heaven Rar File

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How can you tell if you have a remaster or not? I assume the 'Expanded Edition' Reign in Blood is remastered, but I've also got Seasons in the Abyss and Decade of Aggression on American that don't have any remastering information listed (but only have the original copyright dates listed, not later dates that I would assume would be necessary to reflect remastering... Right?) And when did Def American become American, anyway?... And what is the consensus regarding the remasters versus the originals? Reign in Blood has bonus tracks as you mentioned. It's harder to tell with South of Heaven and Seasons in the Abyss because the packaging/credits/CD artwork are virtually the same. You'd have to look at the catalog number/bar code, or check the peak levels in EAC to tell for sure.

I don't have the remasters anymore, but I can tell you that these versions are NOT remastered: South of Heaven: American 9 24203-2, bar code 3-27 (this has a 1994 copyright date on the CD itself, but I used to have the remaster and it's definitely not the same as the remaster; so unless there was a 'secret' remaster that I don't know about, then this should have the same mastering as the original) Seasons in the Abyss: Def American 9 24307-2, bar code 7-22 Not sure about Decade of Aggression as I don't own that one. The remasters are all pretty compressed, and I don't think there's any reason to own them if you can find the originals.

Regarding Hell Awaits - let's say I've heard an old European pressing, Roadrunner Records RR 349795. Not as loud as the Schreyer remaster; not as 'bright' - a problem with this record particularly, as those guitars are harsh.

Probably very difficult to find. The 1992 (93?) remaster by Schreyer isn't that bad, though. I also like his Haunting the Chapel remaster - the one I have I think was released at the same time (I've had it for years), and it's just the EP with 'Aggressive Perfector' as a bonus track. Click to expand.

I believe this is the first pressing for USA. The bottom half of the CD is red, info is Restless / Metal Blade, 71034-2. I got it through Ebay, but it never arrived.

I also recently scored what seems to be a first Japanese pressing on RoadRunner, RR 34 9868. Year on the CD is 1984.

It comes in a paper wallet, so it could be from the same slimline series as the early Japanese Mercyful Fate CDs, which are darn hard to find and very expensive. It has the original tracklist, no bonuses. Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pro V3515 Drivers Windows 8. I really hope this one arrives safely.