Star Plus Serials Pyar Ka Dard Hai Online

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Pyar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara Monday, 12th May – Ayesha couldn’t see Aditya, thinks he must be robber and curiously moves ahead. Aditya’s dog barks at Ayesha. Next morning Shanky informs Aditya have arrived, all happy to hear this.

All hugs aditya, Aditya informs next week he is going to hrishikesh to find pankhuri, Aditya is guilty, Avantika asks him to stay back and help rube for work. Tuesday, 13th May – At bus stop Ayesha shouts on Aditya, Nilofer takes Ayesha with her. Aditya is shocked to see her eyes.

Star Plus Serials Pyar Ka Dard Hai Online

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Avantika informs she has been chosen for mayor of Mumbai, all happy. Harish and Aneesha decide to execute their plan in party so Aditya can move ahead in his life.

Star Plus Serials Pyar Ka Dard Hai Online

Wednesday, 14th May – Suddenly electricity goes in party and aditya goes out to check the meter, Sheela also goes out. Sheela bumps with Ayesha and shocked to see Ayesha, She gets scared thinking its ghost of pankhuri.

Ayesha runs and falls in aditya’s arms, Aditya thinks she is pankhuri. Thursday, 15th May – Harish and avantika gets into argument and Aditya goes towards guest room. Nilofer is worried and scolding Ayesha; just then Aditya enters with everyone and starts looking for pankhuri. Ruksaar has taken Ayesha to deewan mansion. Shanky goes to lock all the rooms and he lock the room where Ayesha and ruksaar were hiding. Friday, 16th May – Aditya moves towards his room where Ayesha is but as he opens the door no one is inside. Aneesha comes to her room and shocked to see Ayesha there.

She scolds her badly and calls nilofer to assure they are safe. Saturday, 17th May – Payal learned she is pregnant. Yu Gi Oh 5ds Episode 1 English Dub Download on this page.

Aditya both chase ayesha’s Auto and Aditya stops his car in front of her auto. Ayesha tries to run but Aditya stops her and questions her. As Ayesha turn to run away; she sees Galib standing in front of her. Ghana Hiplife Mix Download more.

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