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Author: goldenminer Tutorials. Microsoft Excel 2016 Bootcamp - Zero to Hero Training MP4 Video: AVC 1280x720 Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch Duration: 2 Hours Lec: 24 400 MB Genre: eLearning Language: English. Become proficient in Microsoft Excel so you can create beautiful, professional spreadsheets, easily!

Boot Camp 3 0 Rapidshare Movies

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What is Animation Bootcamp? Knowing HOW to do something in After Effects is great but knowing WHAT to do is better. Understanding the principles of good Animation is the key to creating amazing, fluid work.This 6-week interactive experience will put you ahead of the competition and ignite your ability to create beautiful, purposeful movement no matter what you’re working on. If you start every project with a pit in your stomach hoping that somehow you’ll “find” some good animation by experimenting with keyframes then this course will literally change your career. Laser-Focused Feedback We bring on Teaching Assistants who have actually gone through the course themselves to make sure that the critiques you receive are on-point, personalized, and ACTIONABLE. Our amazing staff of TA’s will kick your butt, encourage you, and help you see the areas of your animation that need a little love. We can give you frame-accurate feedback, draw directly over your video, and point out on a pixel-level what you need to work on.

The best part? You have access to our critique portal for 12 full weeks! If you fall behind, you've got plenty of opportunity to catch up.