Install Matlab 6.1 Windows 7

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Install Matlab 6.1 Windows 7

I'm running MATLAB 6.1 on a Windows7 Home Pro laptop. • The MATLAB m-file Editor window has serious repaint issues - errors in repaint if window is dragged creates zig-zag window contents. Minimizing and reopening window causes a repaint. • In the MATLAB 'current directory' window, file names do NOT appear, listed from the current folder. Mariner 40 Hk Manual here. This window view is always empty.

All other MATLAB windows (command history, workspace) are populated properly. I have tried right clicking MATLAB.exe / properties, and setting 'compatibility mode' settings to run in either Windows 2000 or Windows XP (SP3) modes, but no effect. Any suggestions?

So first of all Walter is right, it is not supported. This however does not necessary mean it will not work. This wording just means in is not tested by MathWorks. I personally discourage you to try using unsupported configurations. Lets assume you follow the users who say 'Yeah, I got it running'. Can you be sure that their usage is similar to yours?

I have recently upgraded to Windows 7 and then had to notice that my MATLAB 6.5 (R13) doesn't work out of the box. Although people recommend installing it. Install matlab 6.5! >to >install that? >Subject: how to instal matlab 6.5 From: Sean Cote Date: 14 Aug. /Windows/System32/msjava.dll and THEN run.

Install Matlab 6.1 Windows 7

Can't it be that basic number crunching is working, but e.g. Not exporting to MS Excel or generating MEX files or the 3rd party product you are using? There is a legion of examples what can go wrong.

Don't waste you time! I am experiencing troubles installing Matlab under Windows 7. I face the same java problem. I must precise that I run Matlab (R14) on X64 windows 7 machine, using compatibility mode (xpsettings) I used the windows classic setting alos but the problem comes from java. I get a lot of errors if I run the old 1.4 java version, but when I use the latest java version (jre6) I still have bugs that prevent me from running matlab. Can you give me the exact path to where java should be stored.

For me it's: C: Program Files (x86) MATLAB71 java jre jre6 bin It seems that matlab can find java. I used also the MATLAB_JAVA environement variable that points to the actual java folder but I can the same errors. Should I look for a different java version Thanks to comment.

I struggeled with crashs in Matlab using a not supported Java version: Resizing a uitree kills the Matlab process. Typing curly braces in the command window or the editor is impossible. Timers crash with a coredump, if they are killed inside their own callback. Therefore I suggest not to run Matlab in a not supported environment. Hp Compaq Presario C770tu Drivers. I run Matlab 6.5 successfully under WindowsXP in the virtual PC shipped with Windows 7 Professional.

It is supported and stable. The only problem is the 'exhausted change notifications' problem when the user defined files are stored on a drive of the real machine. Therefore I copy the folders to the virtual machine automatically and everything works fine!